Crannk reviews The Last Martyr -debut Ep”Creatrix”

The Last Martyr are a Melodic Post Hardcore metal band based out of Melbourne,Australia who are definitely on the rise and really show what they are capable of when they delivered their debut Ep “Creatrix” on the 26th of April. Creatrix is 5 finely tuned and masterfully delivered songs that debut and showcases this talented band and the amazing vocals of Monica which can go from clean melodies to heavy assault mode with ease.

The Creatrix Ep has been a year in the making slowly building hype and a loyal following.The first two singles off the Ep “Into The Black” and “Stay Awake” were both released last year and received high praise and recognition with loads of airplay and buzz about The Last Martyr.

Here is what Monica said about “Stay Awake”in an interview with Crannk late last year.
“MS: Stay Awake is about that moment you consider giving up on a huge goal because you just can’t see a way forward. For me that goal was starting another band when I moved to Melbourne. As I mentioned I’ve been playing in bands since I was 13 and the last band I was in was together for 6 years. When that band decided to call it quits it shook me pretty bad as it was such a huge part of my identity as a person.
Gradually I built myself back up and moved to Melbourne with faith that I’d find another, even better band. But that didn’t happen for ages. I spent maybe 7 or 8 months trying to network and find people for a new project and was getting so frustrated. It was the longest period of my life I wasn’t in a band and I honestly felt lost. 
I remember one day just breaking down, questioning all my life choices and feeling so fucking pissed that I hadn’t found a project here yet. I said, “Fuck it, I’m giving up. Maybe I’ll just work in the industry instead.” 

“But deep down I knew that I had more to give as an artist and “Stay Awake” was sort of like the mantra I created in order to coach myself to stay in the game so to speak; To recognise that everyone has a time when they question everything but if we stay focused, eventually things will happen in divine timing and the right path will appear.
A week after that realisation, The Last Martyr was formed.”

Check out the rest of the interview Crannk done late last year with Monica(Note at the time of the interview the Ep was slated to be called Into The Black) HERE

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The Last Martyr are 
Monica Strut – Vocals
Ben Rogers – Guitar
Travis Presley – Guitar
Matthew Mumford – Bass
Vin Krishnan – Drums


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