Crannk reviews The Leftards – “Deep C Divers” EP

The Leftards are a 4 piece punk rock band from Wollongong, New South Wales, Australia. The Leftards Formed in December 2017, the band have had two vinyl EP releases ‘Apocalypse Cabaret’ released back in April of 2018 and ‘Deep C Divers‘ released on the 29th of March 2019. The band have built up a strong following playing shows around Sydney, Newcastle, Central Coast, Blue Mountains and hometown Wollongong. 
All four band members have been active musicians before forming The Leftards, guitarist Lez Miserable  played with the Heapsgoods, Solid Gold Bastards and Turbo Degenerate.The bassist Comrade Pinko has been involved in the Sydney and Wollongong scenes with Straw Dogs and Tuskin Raiders. The Drummer and band artist Replacable Ben has played with Bulldoze all Bowlos and Shotgun Wedding. Frontman Ronny Wreckless has played with the Heapsgoods, FugG, md the Dark Clouds to name a few. 

Recently the band released a video for the song ‘Breech Birth‘ which is the opening track from the new EP “Deep C Divers” the effects at the start of the song helps deliver an audible tie in to the cover art of the EP.
Every song on the 4 track release has typical punk rock elements like distorted guitars and fast paced drum beats. Lyrical content covers the usual punk themes as the band delivers a message and maintains a solid sound. 
Track 2 “(Do Tha) Blobfish” continues the theme and is a shout-a-long to the chorus  style punk track
Track 3 “Party Drugs” is a stop start punk rhythm track with some feedback and crusty distorted guitars. This song has the most creative elements and the echo fade out ending fits the theme of the EP perfectly. Its also worth mentioning that the bass line in the final track is fantastic and drives the fast paced song hard before another well placed use of a guitar effect pedal helps the song ring out.

The Leftards are Lez Miserable guitar Replaceable Bendrums Comrade Pinko bass/backing vocals Ronny Wreckless – vocals/percussion



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