Crannk Reviews: The Meantime – Telepathetic (Single)

The Meantime are a high energy alternative rock trio from the Central Coast, New South Wales, Australia, they already have a two EP’s out, The Meantime EP (2015) and Illusions EP (2017) and then a single Average At Best (2019) all of which deliver a mainly 90’s alternative rock sound with elements of grunge, indie and punk.

The band’s most recent single Telepathetic (3:00) was released on the 2nd of July 2021, it was recorded by Riley Brooke at Honey Studios, mixed by Riley Brooke and The Meantime, and mastered by Rhys Zacher at Spinlight Studios. This song has strong 90’s vibes from start to finish with loud distorted guitar parts that have a nice squeal and a chorus hook that feels way to relatable in these crazy times. This song is worth a listen if you like grungey guitars and 90’s era Helmet songs, nice job band.

The Meantime are

Daniel Bailey – Guitar and Vocals

Liam Collins – Bass

Kurt Burns – Drums

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