Crannk Reviews “The Molotov Cocktail Party” Demo

One of the best parts of the punk scene is the gutter punk scene, the music is always raw and loud with a lived it vibe. I  remember spending nights in squats with a bunch of street kids, singing songs to each other with a shitty guitar with rusty strings through a nasty sounding 10 watt amp turned up all the way to give the guitar a crusty sound.
Yesterday i found myself watching a video clip of a guy recording a punk band in a squat, hence my trip down memory lane. The band from the video were called “The Molotov Cocktail Party” and they released a 3 track demo on the 13th of March via bandcamp.
Track 1 “Its Fitzroy” is like most songs written about a town in the punk scene, it has vocals about the shady stuff in town and the music is a lot like dirty rock, think Ramones style rock but with crusty sounding distorted guitar.
Track 2 “Squat Life” has an amazing bass line, crusty guitar and fast paced drums with lyrics about street punks living the squat life and being on welfare payments are the same as everyone else and should be treated like people too.
Track 3 “Lawless Corruption” is guitar heavy while still having in your face beats and a screaming vocal part. Lyrically the song touches on how poor people break unfair laws to get through the day as the system doesn’t support the needy.

The Molotov Cocktail Party are
Digger Sunrest-Bass/Vocals Wez Strange – Drums Liam Halvorsen – Guitars

Event link for Launch



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