Crannk Reviews The One Two’s New Single “Gilly Pull The Trigger”

Remember when I reviewed the “No Ticker” single by Melbourne band The One Two’s (review Link)? If you liked it as much as I did you’ll be excited to hear about the new single “Gilly Pull The Trigger” if your scratching your head wondering what I’m on about, let me bring you up to speed
The One Two’s are a 4 piece protest punk band from Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. They released their new single on the 12th of July 2019 and it delivers the same kind of slap in the face as their first single. The band also has a great music video to go with the song, it was made by Mark Bakaitis who did the music video for the bands last single “No Ticker”

The song has a similar old school, no frills sound to the first single and is the bands attempt to shine a light on Gillian Triggs, who was once Australia’s human rights commissioner. During her time in this role she championed indigenous and refugee issues and was constantly attacked by the Abbott government as well as the Murdoch press … lets move on before I get carried away and plan a riot.
The song starts off at full force with its punchy chorus before leading in to a verse that seems quite musically driven by palm muted guitar, smooth bass and laid back drums. That said the verse also features gang style shout vocals singing “help the people, help the people” which adds to the catchiness of the song. The vocals are delivered with an unmistakable urgency and desperation but also has some snarl. 
The new single is getting the launch party treatment on the 26th of July at The Tote in Collingwood with The Diecasts, The Prehistorics and The Beggar’s Way.  Event Link – And the following night at The Workers Club in Geelong with All Hope Remains and Dirty Dance Machine.- Event Link .

The One Two’s are 
Mik Weird – lead vocals/guitar Clever Bobb – guitar/backing vocals Captain Luxurious – bass/backing vocals Rhino – drums. 

Facebook Link Bandcamp Link – (Spotify is great to check out a new band but if you really want to support head over to bandcamp and support the Band Legit.)

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