Crannk Review’s The One Two’s “No Ticker” Single

The One Two’s are a relatively new 4 piece protest punk band from Melbourne, Australia with a few shows under their belt. 
Their debut release to the world is called “No Ticker” and in my neck of the woods thats a big insult. This track was produced by Luke Yeoward at Half Way Studios and is from the upcoming album “Keep Punching”
The song is old school inspired, think ramones or clash style no frills punk rock. The guitar has a great tone and I’m not big on guitar solos but the lead guitar parts really fit the songs theme. The drums provide a steady beat to the sing-a-long vocal melody and the vocals are a good mix of clarity and emotion. Lyrically this song seems to be having a go at narrow minded types in general, calling out shitty people. 
The music video was produced by Mark Bakaitis and ties in well to the song as we see footage of the band performing in a boxing ring mixed with images of our political and social landscape that the song is protesting. 
The band have a few shows planned to help launch the single and the other bands that are part of these shows already have loyal followings of their own. 
The “No Ticker” single is a well thought out plan of attack from all angles but what else would you expect from a band called The One Two’s. Official release is Friday the 15th of March 2019

The One Two’s are 
Mik Weird – lead vocals/guitar  Clever Bobb -guitar/backing vocals Captain Luxurious-bass/backing vocals Rhino – drums.

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(No Ticker Lauch gig)

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