Crannk reviews The Quireboys – Amazing Disgrace

I must say, I was really excited about this album. Just the fact that I got an interview with Guy just a month and a half before the release of the album.

I’ve always have had a special feeling about Quireboys. They were a big part of my music when I was in school and I was about 18 – 19 years old. I remember that me and my friend Jonas always played a couple of songs from their first album ”A bit of what you fancy” before taking of to clubs and bars. Songs like 7 O’clock, Hey you, There she goes again.

This was 25-ish years ago, so how do The Quireboys feel today? Well, pretty well I would say. The music is still there, you really know that this is an album with the Boys. Same touch and feel of the guitars, and Spikes voice still sounds like Rod Stewart on a whiskey tour! 🙂

Today, ”the boys” are more middle-age, so maybe that the music aren’t rebellic now a days. In stead we get a bit more blues rock. Maybe not so many hard-hitting rock songs, but instead a whole lot of great soft-laid back-riffing-blues-rock-album.

If I’m in the right mood, I really like this album! It’s an excellent album when the clock strikes midnight and you’re a bit tired and sipping that last beer or having a whiskey. It’s mid-tempo songs that just are easy listening, from a couple of guys that have matured a bit since the early 90:s

If you take away a couple of country-smelling slow songs, this is a really great album!

A favourite song is the last one on the album, ”Medusa, my girl”. A bit of rock, a bit of blues and a bit of folk song. Really great!

While listening to the album, why not check out my interview with Guy? You can find it here: A Peps Interview with Guy from The Quireboys

Here’s the album on Spotify!


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