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Tracing Wires is a 4 piece alternative punk band from St. Louis, Missouri, USA. This band formed in 2015 and since have released some great music that has earned them a group of loyal followers. This latest release “Rare Times” is a 4 track EP which came out on the 12th of April 2019 (I’m a bit late to the party).
This is political punk music with message and meaning, delivered with aggression and desperation. 
The first track “Boot Liquor” won me over with its lyrical content, with lines like “you should question your idols cause they can’t all be perfect” and the chorus “its called empathy, why don’t you have any“. The lyrical message delivered with desperation backed by some fast paced drumming and distorted guitar work that at times is punk power chords and lead licks but at other times is a bit more metal riffs. 

The second track “Rare Times” has a vocal structure running through the verse parts of the song. Tim sings a line then backing vocals scream “none of this, none of this, none of this is normal” it really adds to the delivery of the message. Its almost like the verse parts feel heavier than the chorus parts.
The next track “Cancelled” is another fast paced punk tune about how we deal with the moral dilemma of trying to separate an artist from their art when you find out they have done something legally and or morally wrong.
Fall Asleep” has been released previously on the bands 2018 EP titled

Great Vengeance and Furious Anger where it was included as an acoustic bonus track. I really like the new version but its totally worth checking out the acoustic version. On the “Rare Times” EP its an energetic punk song but has a very alternative style intro. Lyrically this song is about not giving up when you have nothing left, it feels like the band are pleading with people not to commit suicide.

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Tracing Wires is Tim D – lead vocals/rhythm guitar Lizzy Q – lead guitar/backing vocals Ethan C – bass Tony P – drums

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