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Trash & The Treasures are a 4 piece blues-punk band from Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. The band has played a bunch of shows and gained a steady following for their efforts. They released their debut EP ‘Reduced To Clear‘ on the 15th of June 2019. It was mixed and mastered by Joel Martin. 
This EP clocks in at a little under 13 minutes but does a fantastic job of showcasing this band’s talent. Looking at the back cover of the copy I’m reviewing, I see the handwritten 41/100 and take a moment to appreciate how lucky I am to have a physical copy. 
It starts with a punky number called ‘Projectile‘ which kicks off with a bass intro leading into an old school punk-inspired sound. The guitar parts are made up of basic chord progressions with an emphasis on strumming technique and pace. The chorus parts are catchy and paired with the simple but accessible music will have you singing along in no time. Both the punk songs are short and fast.

There are two bluesy punk songs in the middle one is called ‘Eddy Riot‘ which is about 5 minutes long and is all in with a harmonica at the start, it feels a little slow but the tempo picks up before the verse starts. The vocals in the verse are decorated nicely with hey hey and who ha bits which adds to the bluesy pattern. In the chorus bit I like the shouty vocal style when they sing “get outta my house” its got a monster mash vibe and the way this track ends is great.

The other bluesy punk number is called ‘Lola Montez‘ and lyrically seems like a song about being in love with a girl fitting the black widow mould. Its a great bluesy jam with some punky style singing and lyrics. Both the bluesy numbers have terrific bass lines and musically feel like the band is playing  without holding anything back

The final track ‘Superstar‘ brings us back to the punky sound we heard at the start, although this song feels a little more polished. Starting with a guitar intro and quickly bursting into a chorus of nah nah nah’s. The lyrical content is full of great lines about musicians that are full of themselves. Towards the end, everything drops out for a drum break
then all back in until the guitar and vocals bring the song to a close. 
Want to hear more? Trash & The Treasures will be doing a live to air gig at Casey Radio 97.7 FM 3SER The Casey Beat with DJ Dave from 8pm on Saturday the 26th of October 2019
If you want to see them live go to their next show, its on Saturday the 30th of November 2019 at Whole Lotta Love Bar with Dirty Bloods


Photo Credit Colleen Dowling

Trash & The Treasures arePat Trash – vocals/harmonica Grant Treasure – guitar/backing vocals Al Treasure – bass/backing vocals Neale Treasure – drums/backing vocals

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Check out Trash & the Treasures on Spotify but if you like the band and really want to be a legend and really support the scene head over to one of the links and buy some music/merch and head out & catch some live shows.


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