Crannk reviews Trashed Again EP “Another Way To Fail”

Trashed Again are a 4 piece punk rock band from Newcastle, Australia. They released a 5 track EP called “Another Way To Fail” on the 28th of September 2018 on bandcamp, the EP made its way to spotify in February 2019 and won me over as a fan. 
If you heard the live recording the band released in January 2018 “Trashed Again Live @ The Stagg” the songs on this new EP will all be familiar as they all featured on the live album.
All 5 tracks on the “Another Way To Fail” EP would best be described as melodic hardcore but you can hear guitar riffs that have a skate punk vibe like on “You Go First” or “Brothers”, the usual palm muted distorted power chords and fast paced drums bring punk energy to all of the tracks and the vocals are a mixture of snotty punk meets shout along drunk punk. 
The stand out track for me was “Fall Down” because it feels like the band threw everything they had into the track musically and lyrically it is a real journey with a message that will resonate with any punker. 

Trashed Again is
Luke Robertson – vocals/guitar Micky Leddy – guitar Cal Robinson – bassDrew Doonage – drums

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