Crannk Reviews Undamaged – Destroy EP

Undamaged are a four piece punk/hardcore band from Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
This is the kind of punk that delivers a message and backs it up, they don’t just scream for change in their songs they actively promote and contribute to it. The band will play shows for a cause like last years Tales From The Pit which aimed to raise awareness to the plight of the Mary river turtle, which got heaps of media coverage. 
The band has just released a new 5 track EP titled Destoy on the 25th of August 2019. Its a limited run (156) of vinyl in its physical form, pressed by Zenith Records. The record will be available through the  bandcamp platform, direct message or at a show. 
Obviously the band is big on DIY with the release being recorded between a warehouse in Coburg and the bass players living room in Reservoir. James also (with a bit of help) engineered, mixed and mastered the release. Mark, the drummer was the creator of the amazing artwork for the release.

The opening track is “Death In Their Eyes” and it has a great intro with an eerie vibe before storming into a hardcore punk onslaught. Its like the band wanted to ease listeners into their hardcore punk onslaught. After the intro the song bursts into fast drums and distorted power chords with a progression that could be mastered by an amateur guitarist, most of my favourite punk songs have this accessible quality. 

The second song “Depression” was released ahead of the EP, its a great song with quality lyrical content that explores the issues of mental health as well as some off the unsettling statistics associated with it. The vocal track has screaming, singing and talking giving this hardcore style song some depth and musically its made up of a basic and familiar chord progression on a distorted guitar, blistering drums and smooth bass. Breakdown and build up parts are great and it closes with a well placed scream of the line “but sure I’m just fine”
Knock Knock” is a similar hardcore style number with some leady guitar frills adding to the soundscape without taking away from the energy of the song. Lyrically the song points out that freedom is a lie as we are all just working our lives away. 
Bodyshamer this is the longest track off the EP, lyrically the song hits back at people who judge. If you’ve ever been judged because of the way you look this songs lyrics will probably resonate with you. Musically its another fast paced, aggressive hardcore style song with some lead guitar parts that offer some diversity to the soundscape.
The final track “What A Mess” starts off like organised chaos and does a great job showing the bands ability to master their instruments at full speed, it has the same ferocity of the other tracks and the breakdown near the end with distorted power chords ringing out behind the ongoing drums. This song is a great way to finish up. 
For a DIY recording with five songs in under ten minutes this EP is mixed really well and you can hear all the elements in every track. The songs are wonderfully crafted pieces of hardcore punk hitting back at a system that holds back its people and a society that doesn’t show any tolerance for the differences of the individuals living within it. 

You can catch the band at one of the following shows … 
31/08/2019 Punk Luau Upstairs at The Tote ! 18 bands will be taking part in this TIKI-themed event. Awake Now, Cosmic Kahuna, Dead Already, DickLaser, Endless Bore, Fckups, Garlic Nun, Protospasm, Rad Snake, Slugbucket, Sordid Ordeal, The Balls, The Out Of Towners, Traumaboys, Tsugnarly, Udder Ubductees, Undamaged, Wolfpack(Event Link)

07/09/2019 Tim’s Punk Fest at The Bendigo Hotel with All Hope Remains, Awake Now, Blind Man Death Stare, Dead Already, Devon Sandwich, DickLaser, Mesa Cosa, Muscle Car, No Brainers, SNDWNR (Event Link)

10/10/2019 At the Young Street Supper Club, supporting Get Dead (USA) with Awake Now and Black Monroe(Event Link)

Undamaged is Stevie – vocals Mark – drums David – guitar James – bass
Bandcamp Link
Facebook Link
Triple J Unearthed Link

Check out Undamaged on Spotify but if you really love the music and scene support the band and scene head over to bandcamp and buy the album and go out and catch some live shows.


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