Crannk Reviews Zed’s “Volume” Album

Like Troubadours of time and space San Jose hard rockers Zed are back to deliver a head-banging,fist-pumping,hard rocking groove and blues driven album locked loaded and ready to unleash a riffage laden 10 track rock album in “Volume” due to be released July 26th through Ripple Music.Hailing out of the Bay Area rock scene Zed have been delivering amazing live shows and riffs since around 2007 and Volume is the fourth release from Zed which follows on from 2010’s “The Invitation“,2013’s “Desperation Blues“,and 2016’s “Trouble In Eden” all of which I had to go back and get as this band has blown me away with their amazing sound and musicianship.Zed can best be described as being born into the roots of the classic greats Black Sabbath,Led Zeppelin and Ac/Dc,mix in a good measure of blues and funk and raise it all to maturity with Clutch ,Rage Against, and Queens Of The Stone Age then wash it all down with a shot of whiskey and a middle finger to the air and that best sums up Zed and this Volume album for me.

Here’s a quote from bassist Mark Aceves about the first track released off Volume “Chingus’ is actually the working title that we came up with during the writing process and decided to keep it,” explains bassist Mark Aceves. “We generally come up with either gibberish or silly/funny names but for some reason this one just stuck. Lyrically the song is about losing connection with people no matter what you do to try and maintain them. Kind of a heavy theme for what we feel is an otherwise fun song. It jumps up and rolls along nicely.”

Now check out the really cool clip for Chingus” done with lego stop motion photography.

The next track released off of Volume was the clip for the track Poison Tree, Crannk this one up a really awesome song and clip.

This is such a great album from the opening track The Other Kind right up to the end in The Troubador this album had me hooked lyrically,vocally and musically this is a band that really knows how to play and rock the fk out.My favourite tracks on this album would have to be this whole freaking album I cannot for the life of me pick a favourite on an album this good all I can say is get a shot of Zed into you and rock hard. Volume by ZED is officially released on 26th July 2019 on Ripple Music. Pre-order the album now at .

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Pete Sattari – Guitar, Vocals
Sean Boyles – Drums
Greg Lopez – Guitar
Mark Aceves – Bass

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