Crannk’s Metal Release Picks For April 2019

There are so many great metal releases coming out in April from amazingly talented bands all over the globe from Space Metal Warriors Hybrid Nightmares to the kings of creepy Darkcell in Australia, Greek tech death metallers Obzerv in Crete to Sludgehammer out of Toronto.So we at Crannk have put together a list of awesome metal releases for April really worth Crannking up.

Hybrid Nightmares- Obelisk Released April 13 Hybrid Nightmares are an Australian Extreme metal band that has traveled the far reaches of the galaxy to deliver brutally epic, melodic metal from the deep dark depths of the galaxy and the Obelisk. The 5 tracks on the “Obelisk” are a space odyssey delivered to perfection by the extreme metal space warriors Hybrid Nightmares. (purchase HERE)

Obzerv Acherontia Atropos Released April 5 A symphony of sonic intimation, lyrical exploration, and technical dexterity, Greek metallers Obzerv cast a sound which hungrily grabs ears and attention but equally stealthily coaxes and lures with its rapacious imagination. There are no hidden agendas in its ravenous intent yet every song, indeed note, opens up a gateway into dark secrets and masked conspiracies. New album “Acherontia atropos” is the Crete hailing quintet’s music at its most mysterious and adventurous yet; a complex but immediately hospitable siren already luring unrestrained fascination. (Purchase HERE)

Sludgehammer “Antechamber” Released April 12 SLUDGEHAMMER are now ready to pummel the masses with their new album “Antechamber” ready to destroy eardrums. Heavy and groovy, the Toronto quintet delivers the goods with astounding precision and the confidence of a world-class band. Fans around the world, especially those with an ear for Decapitated, Pantera, Lamb Of God, and Cannibal Corpse can dig into this slice of groovy progressive melodic death brutality.  (Purchase Here)

Cathartic Demise self titled Cathartic Demise Ep Releases on April 26 Cathartic Demise out of Kitchener, Canada brings a refreshingly epic brand of thrash metal to the table with lyrical themes about life experiences and worldly interactions while gracefully challenging thrash standards and incorporating elements from unexpected genres. Citing musical influences including Iron Maiden, Sylosis and Gojira, the band keeps the sound fresh with generous creative freedom while still remaining true to their roots. Elements from most sub-genres can be noticed in their music but the most obvious ones are thrash, progressive, and traditional metal. (You can get the first single from the EP HERE)

The Last Martyr “Creatrix” Releases April 26 The Last Martyr are a melodic metal band from Melbourne, Australia. The Last Martyr have a real exciting catchy sound that has an amazing feel, with a great mixture of clean and heavy vocals driven by vocal powerhouse Monica. The debut single for The Last Martyr “Into the Black” was released late July 2018 and received a really good reception with airplay in Australia and overseas. The second single “Stay Awake was another exceptional track from a really great Ep “Creatrix” Check out Crannk’s interview with Monica about the Ep and singles Here (Pre order “CreatrixHERE)

Countless Goodbyes-Cycles Releases April 19 Countless Goodbyes announces their genesis, introducing a new surprising sound to fans and lovers of metal and rock with the release of their long-awaited debut album, Cycles. The album will introduce a new style to the band’s music, since the band has added a lot of clean singing in to their songs to support the heavier screams. On the album, the band’s new singer, Onni Kivikaarre, among other topics is singing about the present course of the world toward potential man-made ruin which the cover art of Cycles refers to. Cycles will bring something new to the lovers of metal music by introducing compelling melodies, heavy riffs and punchy hooks. (Pre Purchase Here)

Tasteful Turmoil-“The Phantom Fear” Released April 12 via Inverse records, Thrash metal… Death metal… Groove metal… This is the recipe of TASTEFUL TURMOIL.Since 2015 the band has been on the path of heavy metal destruction and hasn’t shown any signs of slowing down. The music gets fueled by the many influences from many different genres in the heavy metal realm. The first album “PROTECT THE WASTED” (2016) showed the world that Turmoil is alive and kicking and the second album “THE PHANTOM FEAR” will cement the band as more mature and heavy hitting band that won’t leave anybody cold. Get ready for ear-piercing shrieks, chainsaw-like riffing and backbreaking rumble action! You have been warned. TASTEFUL TURMOIL is here now! (Purchase links Here)

TANAGRA-“Meridiem” Releases April 26 Hunkered down across four studios for close to three years, joined by guest musicians on piano, cello, and viola, Portland’s TANAGRA has been refining and crafting the seven multi-layered compositions on their upcoming album “Meridiem” to perfection. The release is power metal packed with depth, emotion, harmony, and complexity. (Pre-orders HERE)

Posthum-“Like Wildfire” Released April 12 After their last album in 2014, followed by several tours across Europe, Posthum went back underground to work with their new album. The process of recording started in January 2018 and was finished five months later. They`re not afraid to experiment, and in combination with great confidence and an old school approach, the result is an album which sounds incredibly solid. “Like Wildfire” is cold and dark, but also groovy and playful, and it sounds like every element of each track is contributing to make the album better. The album contains seven tracks, which are all composed to be listened to one by one, but the band highly recommend listening to the album in the right order. (Purchase Here)

Gone Cosmic- “Sideways In Time” Released April 12 Championed by a soaring songstress Abbie Thurgood (The Torchettes), whose boldly evocative tones recall Skunk Anansie chanteuse Skin and Alabama Shakes’ Brittany Howard, and accompanied by an agile and aggressive psych-rock outfit, Gone Cosmic has carved out an expansive domain that stretches from sweltering Southern sludge pits to breath-stealing sonic spacewalks.FFO: Earthless, Alabama Shakes, Black Sabbath, Tess Parks, Pink Floyd, Black Flag, Elder, Orange Goblin, Once and Future Band, Jeff Beck, Bison
(Purchase HERE)

Darkcell Self Titled album “DarkcellReleased April 12
Australia’s kings of all things dark and creepy, DARKCELL have returned with an absolute beast of an album which features guest appearances by Skold (Marilyn Manson/KMFDM), Lindsay Schoolcraft (Cradle of Filth), KidCrusher (Official) & Johnathan Devoy. Photobook also includes photography by Devin ‘Ghost’ Sola (ex Motionless In White )
The freaks are back in town. The circus has returned….HAIL! order in Australia & the US via
order in Europe and the UK via

Japam-“Sickboy EP” Released April 12 Japam are bringing back the bounce with ‘Sickboy’! Mixed and mastered by Taylor Larson (PeripheryFrom First to LastVeil of Maya and Asking Alexandria) at Oceanic Recording, the EP combines influences from the heavy, technical groove of modern progressive music to the melodic appeal of 90’s pop and rock music. Japam create an energetic and infectious soundscape, sure to please a vast array of keen music listeners.  (Purchase Japam Music HERE)

Cinemuerte-“Refugio” Releases April 26 The release of their new album in many ways sees CineMuerte closing a chapter in their creative journey while opening up an exciting bold new adventure in sound and craft. It is a release which sees the Portuguese quartet enter the tempest of life and the world and emerge with the most daring and imaginative venture.It is a journey taking in the various aspects of human emotions: an axis entangled in experiences bred by the likes of anger, love, hatred, peace, war among others nurturing introspection in theme and thought within album and listener alike. (Purchase Music Here)

Danish Symphonic Black Metal Duo SINNRS – Debut Album “Profound” Releases April 26 Fully conceived and performed by Nero and Maestus, “Profound” merges the furious brutality of extreme metal with the elegance of classical and opera, giving listeners a dimensional musical experience of their self-described pure dark matter. The juxtaposition of punishing guitar riffs and relentless blastbeats with symphonic arrangements and soaring vocals is fascinating in the way it highlights the inherent differences and similarities these genres have. While classical fans might balk at the savagery of SINNRS’ sound, metal enthusiasts will enjoy getting swept up in the epicness the classical elements bring to the table. Whichever side you might fall on, “Profound” is an honest manifest that makes a wonderful spectacle out of a rather unlikely pairing. (Purchase Music HERE)

SKANNERS-“Temptation”Releases April 26 Bolzano, Italy based heavy metal legends SKANNERS were formed in 1982. In 1986 they released the debut LP “Dirty Armada”, in Germany the band won widespread public approval and critical acclaim, becoming pioneers in the New Wave of Italian heavy metal. SKANNERS have shared stages with legends as DEEP PURPLE, IN FLAMES, SAVAGE, DARK FUNERAL, VADER, METAL CHURCH, GIRLSCHOOL, MOTORHEAD, HALLOWEEN, SAXON, MANOWAR, DIO, TWISTED SISTER and many other. SKANNERS’ latest, eighth album (CD/DVD) “Eins Zwei Drei Metal Party Live” came out in 2015 (dedicated to their former guitarist and founding member, Max Quinzio, who died in February of 2014). The band’s new album “Temptation” is set to be released in Europe on April 26th via Self Distribuzione Milano . (Purchase HERE)

Vinyl cover.jpg

Palehørse self titled debut “Palehørse” Released April 5 Palehørse (formerly known as Amendfoil) is currently one of the most exciting acts from the Nordic metal scene. Followed by the vision of multitalented frontman Lassi Mäki-Kala, the band is combining extreme technical skills, right-in-your-face attitude, desert-crossing roughness and multiple vocal harmonies in a way that is very hard to categorize but easy to give recognition. Numerous reviews with perfect scores for both of their self-released albums, hundreds of gigs and festival appearances are just some of the milestones along the rise of Palehørse. The debut album is a rework from Amendfoil’s heritage. (Purchase HERE)

ShreddeR-“Tortured Souls EP” Released April 16 via Hellfire Records Melbourne metal maniacs ShreddeR’s debut release “Tortured Souls” is a thrash-infused death metal classic. Blending crushing riffs and killer gutturals, it’s hard to believe these young upstarts are teenagers. The 5-track EP showcases the best of Melbourne’s world-class underground scene with over 25 minutes of pure aggression! (Purchase HERE)

Illyria’s ‘The Carpathian Summit’ Album Releases April 26
The Carpathian Summit‘ is Illyria’s sophomore effort and will follow on from their 2016 self-titled debut release, adding 11 new tracks to their repertoire of diverse styles and symbolic motifs. “Kenopsia and “Wilderness” lead the way for the upcoming album, showcasing Illyria’s chaotic cacophony of crafted sounds.
The Perth outfit will be launching ‘The Carpathian Summit‘ with fellow homegrown talent DeadspaceYomi Ship and Waste Not at Badlands Bar on May 3rd.    pre-orders are up at iTunes & Apple Music/Spotify/Google Play and all good online stores and streaming outlets.

PhaseOne -‘Transcendency’ Releases April 17 Marking a return to his original, groundbreaking bass roots, Metalstep extraordinaire PhaseOne announces ‘Transcendency’ – featuring thirteen tracks of fresh and devastating material. The record features three special treats for heavy music lovers featuring tracks with collaborators NorthlaneThy Art is Murder and Periphery! First single from the record to be released into the wild is ‘Crash & Burn’ featuring Australian heavy hitters Northlane and comes firing with rugged vocal stabs.
PRESAVE the Transcendency EP :

To Octavia’s ‘Nocturnal’ EP’ Releases April 26  To Octavia are a relatively new hardcore band out of Melbourne Australia who have developed a really great sound and reputation supporting
Alpha WolfThornhill, SECRETS (USA), WitherAwaken I AmBLKLSTIconoclastFar Away Stables and more since their beginning in 2018 the new Ep was mixed and mastered by Chris Lalic of Windwaker .To Octavia have released three tracks from the EP “Made To Break”After All“and “XIII“. (Pre order EP and Purchase singles HERE)

Liberties-“Broken EP” Released April 5 Liberties are another great Hardcore band coming out of Australia,based out of Newcastle and known for always putting on unbelievably great live shows. Liberties have shared the stage with a list of both prominent Australian Acts such as The Beautiful MonumentAwaken I AmBelle HavenFar Away StablesSatellites, as well as international acts such as Cute is What We Aim ForSecretsSlaves’68 and Miss Fortune. Check out the clips “Are You Ok” and “Crooked States” both from the Broken EP. (Purchase stream HERE)

Crooked Royals-“RuminationReleases April 19 Rumination is Crooked Royals‘ sophomore release since their debut EP Intertwine in 2018. The EP itself is about analyzing aspects of day to day life and how it takes a toll on people based on their own experiences. The single of the same name is a song about paranoia, control and the anxiety of how other people perceive you.In almost two years, Crooked Royals have already made waves in the heavy scene. The band hit the ground running last year when five friends and musicians living in Auckland came together to form the metal core outfit that is Crooked Royals. In just the first year as an aspiring collective of musicians, the band were signed to Lukas Magyar‘s (Veil of Maya) management label, New Industry, and later recorded their debut EP, Intertwine, with the man himself in the USA.
(Check out the first single and clip of the ep”Rumination“)
Pre-order through iTunes & Apple Music/Spotify/Google Play and all good online stores and streaming outlets.


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