Crea: Dwarves & Penguins

Crea is a progressive Linkoping-based (Linkoping is like the 5th or 6th largest cities in Sweden) rock band that has been around since 1988 led by founder-member guitarist and vocalist Peter Gren. According to the bio, Crea has never really been interested in sounding like anything else.

According to me, on this album, they sound like a whole bunch of bands! But in a good way. I find a whole lot of Pink Floyd, Simple Minds and some U2, mixed with maybe Gary Moore and Deep Purple! Sometimes in a mix, sometimes as single songs. But what an gruesome mix!

At the very first listening to the album, I heard a hammond organ with the most flower-power kind of music I ever herad, and I thought, what the hell!??!? Have I been transferred to 1971?

But it was quickly followed by a strong feeling of Pink Floyd and “Dark Side of The Moon”. Heading to track four, “Second thoughts”, I’m feeling that I’m brought back to my high school years with Simple Minds. But with a progressive twist and sometimes, like in the song ” Shattered Vision“, with some rock-opera approach!

To me, it’s an album that shifts a lot in in a whole lot of directions. But if you like music the way I do, you’re in for an adventure! You never know what the next song will be like, and when you are listening to that next song, you will never know how it ends!

If you like this mixture of Pink Floyd, Simple Minds and U2 combined with progressive rock, you will absolutely love this album! I surly do!

I absolutely love this! It’s weird, it’s like a pot-trip. And easy listening. This album will be on my playlist for a long time!

The album will be released 29 March 2019

Find out more about Crea, check out their Facebook here!

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