DESECRATOR CRANNK’s Feature Australian Metal Band, September 2017

Desecrator CRANNK’s Feature Australian Metal Band

Hey metal heads, this is the first band profile/feature I’ll be doing featuring a different metal band from the land down under each month. Just to give you all a listen to some of the amazing metal bands coming out of Australia.And this month we are starting off with a killer four piece thrash/metal band from Melbourne, Desecrator.Theses guys have been plying their trade around australia and the world for a few years now,but for me, I first heard these guys at New Dead metal fest #7 and was just really blown away by the sound and energy of this band and the Singer/guitarist Riley Strong.

Desecrator’s first recording was an EP, which was followed up by a really solid thrash album “Live Till Death” it has eight tracks on it and is well worth a listen with some kick ass thrash “Bred Fed Then Dead” “Slaughtered In Masses” and “Serpents Return” . This album was tracked live and has that raw gritty thrash feeling of earlier thrash bands. It was mixed by Harris Johns who has also worked with Helloween,Coroner,Kreator,Sodom.

The next release “Down To Hell” was a four track this was done in a studio, and in this you can hear Desecrator have really carved out their thrash bones and this is an absolute cracker.

The next album from Desecrator “To The Gallows” is their latest release being brought out earlier this year.”To The Gallows” I bought this album as a fan,and I F**king love this album in my opinion this is a thrash masterclass and proves “Thrash Is A Verb”. “Serpents Return” “Down To Hell” great tracks and glad they are on To The Gallows ,and “As I Die’ i find myself driving along screaming along to that every time. If you get any Desecrator, get this album it is a standout thrash/metal release\m/

Desecrator are fast carving out a reputation as one of Australia’s premier thrash/metal outfits, having played all over Australia Desecrator have also toured in South-East asia, Europe, Russia, Mexico and Brazil, and Desecrator are heading off to Europe again in October in support of another great Australian band in Airbourne.

October 15 Copenhagen, Denmark

October 16 Oslo, norway

October 19 Helsinki, Finland

October 20 Turku, Finland

November 02 Munich, Germany

DESECRATOR are Riley Strong- vocals/guitar
Anthony Finch- Guitar
Gerad Biesboer-Bass
Jared Roberts-Drums

Desecrator home page can get tickets for Europe dates through this link as well.

Desecrator Facebook






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