Dole Bludga – Stoned Scum Review

One of my favourite new releases this past summer was Stoned Scum, the debut recording from a Sydeny two-piece band called Dole Bludga. This band has played some great shows over the last couple years and often with other bands from the local hardcore scene that I already listen to, so I was super keen to give this a listen.

I’ve steered clear of labelling this release as an album or EP because although the copy I reviewed was ten tracks in total, there are only three songs over a minute. It was recorded by Jay “Frenzal” at The Pet Food Factory and released through Innercity Uprising.

The music is a mixture of grind, punk and death metal, if you like heavy music in general or enjoy the sound of low tuned strings its worth a listen. The vocal talent on display here is solid and fits the music well but its not something I’m singing along to, I’m moshing out to this.

“Kvlt Kvnt” and the title track “Stoned Scum” are probably my favourite tracks on this release, check it out via the bandcamp link for the bonus tracks

Bandcamp Link –


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