Donkey Vote- Home and Hosed Ep Album Review

Donkey Vote are a four piece punk band from Ballarat, Australia. They released their debut EP Home and Hosed in December 2018. The seven track EP is a mixture of fast paced heavy drumming, punky bass lines, distorted guitar and vocals that sit somewhere between melodic punk and hardcore. Songs about beer, footy, house parties and mates make this EP feel more optimistic than the usual punk releases with bands singing about the wrongs of society.

Donkey Vote is
Alex walker vocals 
James Baker guitar Brody Harrison bass
James Braszell drums

Review By Michael Wilson \m/ Crannk \m/


2 Replies to “Donkey Vote- Home and Hosed Ep Album Review”

  1. Certainly left an impression on me , lots of talent and very tight , light 💡 punk with the listener being able to understand the lyrics and enjoy a seriously good time repetoire of tunes , i am a little bias though.

    1. Peps here. Haven’t had the chance to listen to it myself, but if it’s true about the music as you describe it, I fully see your point. 🙂

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