Forgotten albums: Boil – “A new decay”

Boil – A new decay! This is an album I stumbled upon while browsing some Swedish metal sites on the web. It was an album made by some Danish boys in 2010. As I recall, it got 7 points out of 10.  I don’t know if I can call it metal,

Boil - A new decay

Boil – A new decay

but it isn’t rock. But what I do know is that I really like this album. It’s soft, kind of slow, but still kind of heavy. Get vibes from “A Perfect Circle”.

I bought the album, and I listened and listened , but I never get tired of this album! This was the second album from the band, and I was SO looking forward to the third album, and the following tour, because the tour-plans included Stockholm. And like 2 months after the release of the third album, they quit!! Like, God Damn!!

Anyway, this is one of my absolute best albums in my CD-rack! Amazing album!

Will give you some youtube videos, starting with my favourite track from the album, and the Spotify-link for the entire album you already found!

Enjoy, hope you’ll find the album as good I did!

Boil – “The Fall”:

Boil – “Starless”:

Boil – “Dead Inside”:


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