Forgotten bands: Mental Hippie Blood

This weekend I started to browse my old CD:s, and my eyes landed on the two albums with the band Mental Hippie Blood (MHB). Man, I really loved these two albums from the beginning of the 90’s. The albums are called “Mental Hippie Blood” and “Pounds”, a couple of very underrated albums!

MHB were a Swedish band, starting from the remains of another Swedish band – Glorious Bankrobbers. Glorious Bankrobbers split up, and all of the band exept the singer started Mental Hippie Blood, a rare piece of Swedish grunge-inspired band. They only released these two albums, the latter got outstandig reviews in Swedish press.

I really love these two albums. I can’t find a single bad song on either album. Why the band stopped or what happend to the members, I don’t really know.

Here are the two albums:


Hope you like it as much as I do!

\m/ Peps

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