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Jai’s Interview with Ty from VOROS

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Recently on the Adelaide leg of the Entombed AD tour I caught up with Ty Braithwaite singer from the Adelaide Death Metal band VOROS for a chat about the band, Blacken,the Australian metal scene, supporting Entombed and how he got into Cannibal Corpse.


Jai: How would you describe your music?


Ty: We are pretty hard to try and pigeon hole to a degree, everyone in the band listens to extremely different genres of metal everything from tech-death to your rawest type of black metal. We get labelled with tech-death the most but that’s not a correct way to really describe us but I’d probably say tech-death at best but that’s not a real right way to say it, there’s groove there’s black-metal in there


Jai: Death?


Ty: Death is a good way to say it I’d just say death


Jai: How long have you guys been together and how did you form?


Ty: Yeah we’ve been together for about four years, three and a half four years. The band was formed out of the ashes of a band called Double Dragon that kind of existed in Australia and Adelaide. And three of the old members from that which was a gentlemen called Davon and another gentlemen called Joshy and our drummer Liam, Basically formed the band with another gentlemen called Cam. I knew Joshy the old bass player from around the traps and they essentially asked me to come in and try out so I tried out. On a long enough timeline due to family commitments and basically things like that unfortunately we have lost a few of those members, so know from the beginning group it’s pretty much myself and Liam. We were the one’s who kinda started the band with the other gentlemen but since then we have picked up what’s obviously what id say now is the main line up and has been the main line up for the last three years.


Jai: What bands have helped to influence you guys?


Ty: Death is probably the one we would all agree on we’re all very,very,very big Death fans that’s kinda what we all vibe on. Once again cause we all listen to very different genres of metal to find a common band that we all agree with. But bands like Death, Decapitated you know your really classic thrash bands. You know we’re all old school Metallica, Slayer fans I don’t think you’d be a metal head if you weren’t. Entombed, At the Gates all the way to your tech-death stuff like the Faceless, Obscura bands like that pretty much.


Jai: You guys play a lot of shows and played with some amazing Aussie bands what’s your summation of the Aussie music scene at the moment?


Ty: Aussie metal is fucking exceptional that’s the aussie metal scene, the Australian music scene is good in general don’t get me wrong but the Australian metal scene is fucking amazing. We were able to play Blacken the globe up in Alice Springs which is kind of like a showcase of Australian metal if you will, and absolutely just blown away by the sheer talent that’s coming out of Australia at the the moment I mean I like to think of as very small fish in a very big pond as there are so many fantastic bands coming through


Jai: It’s unreal isn’t it


Ty: Absolutely

Jai: What was Blacken like?


Ty: Unbelievable I’m going back next year even if we’re not playing just to hang out and drink in a pool. It is so much fun, I’ve never had that much fun at a gig I think ever in my life I like was able to sit in a pool drinking beers while able to watch slam bands play like I’ve never had that experience in my life it was fantastic.


Jai: It’s unreal all those bands converging on the middle of Australia like that


Ty: It’s fucking incredible and the gentlemen that put’s it on Pirate deserves the most amount of accolades he is such an absolute champion of a man and then all the Black Wreath which are all the bands and all the people that are kind of associated there with they put so much effort into that it was such an honor to even go up there and play that show it was fantastic.


Jai: How do you go about landing support gigs like this ?


Ty: We’ve been touring pretty extensively like that and we were lucky enough the promoter got in contact with us for Entombed a few weeks ago and essentially asked if we’d like to play and I didn’t even ask my band I just immediately said yes , I’m a massive Entombed fan and I’ve been listening to them since I was about thirteen. So I grew up with Left Hand Path and Wolverine Blues and what not so for me to be asked does your band want to open for Entombed I didn’t even give it a second thought.


Jai: What’s The Sea of Dead Trees film clip about?


Ty: Yeah so I’ll give you the theory basically the idea behind the song. The song is written about the forest at the bottom of Mount Fuji over in Japan where everyone goes to commit suicide. I watched a documentary one evening and I just kinda really got in my own head about that forest and I basically wrote a song the lyrics anyway I wrote the song about that forest. When we were coming to the idea to make another film clip we didn’t want to do a you know a humorous film clip or anything like that because let’s be honest it’s nothing really light about that subject it’s pretty fucking dark we wanted to do something that portrayed that. So we came up with a few ideas and we essentially came up with what is now Sea of Dead Trees. So our manager at the time and essentially the people we work with to do our film clips which is Becky and Andy Kite they work out of a place called Against The Grain studios. They basically came out and filmed it with another good friend of ours as well called Brett Hookham and yeah we basically like kind of spent a day out in Kaipo Forest an hour away and did that and Matt our guitarist at the time had to go back and you know do all the filming with the actors and everything like that. But yeah we’re stoked with how it turned out.




Jai: Yeah that’s a cool film clip, it would’ve been good to do something serious after the Devilment film clip?


Ty: So Devilment was always going to be a fun little thing but what it was basically supposed to be was us with a bunch of our friends from the Adelaide metal scene from different bands and each band was going to be represented. What ended up happening is we were originally going to do it at a local bar the local bar said unfortunately we can’t do it so weren’t able to do that so we had to kind of just keep going down the list till we basically had no where left to shoot it cause no one really wanted eighty dunk metal heads


Jai: Drinking West End and Golden Oak


Ty: Yeah and chugging tomato sauce so we basically just shot it in our guitarist Matthews back yard. Obviously the first few things we shot were quite good obviously people weren’t inebriated by then but by the last shoots everyone was so drunk so I feel really bad for once again Becky and Andy who did that film clip as well because they were so infinitely patient with our friends who were you know fifty shades of fucked up by 4pm in the afternoon and they’re trying to get these serious shots. You know once again a funny film clip cause they were just so inebriated. It was a lot of fun I got to kill my best friend in it.



Jai: You guys working on anything new ?


Ty: Yeah we played a new song tonight, I don’t know when it will be out I’m hoping we’ll start recording by the end of the year, I don’t know if it’ll be out at the end of the year just how we’re tracking at the moment and our drummer is busy with a whole bunch of other bands

 Jai: and you are so busy playing live shows

 Ty: Yeah exactly so to try to find the time to muster up to get five people  together to really go and write and record it’s going to be awhile but we’ve probably got four to five songs on the go at the moment and we usually have nine to ten on an album so I’d say we are about half way there.

 Jai: Do you think it’s easier with social media and everything to get it out?

 Ty: Very much so I’ve been in the scene since I was like eleven or twelve Keegan the singer from Funeral Moon that actually got me into metal believe it or not. He was friends with my older brother and I was a young kid listening to Korn and things like that because when I was like ten I didn’t know any better. And he kinda came to my house to do a homework assignment or something with my older brother he essentially took one look at me and said nah mate this isn’t happening and came back upstairs with a copy of Cannibal Corpse the Bleeding and was like this is what you’re fucking listening to and I was like yes sir………


 Interview with Ty Braithwaite From Voros…..\m/…….. Jai…….\m/


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