Interview with Dan Pearse on Metal United Down Under, Port Pirie Sept 22

Interview with Dan Pearse of False Flag Promotions on Metal United Down Under Port Pirie September 22nd 2018

Metal United Down Under is an amazing initiative started and organised by Michael Leuders  and Black Roos Entertainment that aims to have one day in the year that all over Australia regardless of where you are you can catch a metal show and show your support for Heavy Metal,Metal United Down Under and this year it is on September the 22nd. I recently had a phone interview with Master of Grind, destroyer of guitars all round good guy and a stalwart of the Australian metal scene for over twenty years Dan Pearse of False Flag Promotions and Guitarist of Sickness and also in Malodorous Discharge, One of the main driving forces behind MUDU Port Pirie , Dan has really out done himself this year with an absolute blistering day of metal across so many different genres of Heavy Metal. With the line up including Shadow Realm, In:Extremis, Oath of Damnation, Good Time Aussie Bogalars, Sickness, Wounded Pig, Wood of Suicides, Sedulous Rouse, Maniacal, Aftashock, Fireace, Suffer The Evenue, Hate Force Five with 13 bands from 11am till midnight this will be an absolutely great day sure to keep any metal head happy and moshing the day away with the variety and talent of bands on show, (also the beer will be cheap and cold) so make sure you get along and support this amazing event.Tickets will be available at the door on the day and you can check out their event page on Facebook for any other details regarding MUDU Port Pirie  I will be there covering the day for Crannk chatting to the bands and taking loads of Photo’s of the day.

Check out the Audio of the Interview with Dan below and at the time of the Interview Christ Crusher and Counter Attack were still on the bill but due to unforeseen circumstances have had to cancel And now Wounded Pig and Wood Of Suicides two equally great bands have stepped in.So please enjoy Our Interview with Dan and hope to see you on the day.

(I have put some Links for all the bands at the bottom of the clips if you would like to check out any of the bands other work.) Shadow realm  In:Extremis Good Time Aussie Bogalars Oath Of Damnation Wounded Pig Sickness Wood Of Suicides Sedulous Rouse Maniacal Aftashok Suffer The Evenue Hate Force Five Fireace


Jai That Aussie Metal Guy CRANNK it loud and proud.


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