Interview with Sam Dillon Of Hadal Maw and Lo!

Jai’s Interview with Sam Dillon Of Hadal Maw and Lo!

Earlier today I had a really great chat with Sam Dillon vocalist for two of Australia’s best and highly regarded metal bands Lo! and Hadal Maw.This was an absolute joy and pleasure to be to be able to do this for Crannk. We talked about Lo! ,New Hadal Maw,creativity ,upcoming shows and maybe getting rid of that old Barnesy CD you are still holding on to, and loads more.

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Check out FB pages for all upcoming tour details and Bandcamp pages to buy music and merch from the bands,You can also Pre-order Charlatan Ep through Hadal Maws Bandcamp Page

Lo! FB Page

Lo! Bandcamp

Hadal Maw Bandcamp

Hadal Maw FB Page

New Dead MetalFest FB Page

\m/Jai That Aussie Metal Guy and CRANNK \m/


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