I’m very late here, that concert was 2 months ago but I still wanted to do this short review because even if I’m not too familiar with the technical death metal style, I had a blast !

So on may 17, I went to Montreal accompanied by Luc, a death metal connoisseur and vocalist, for a technical evening starring Psycroptic from Australia and Archspire from Canada. That was a perfect line-up for a first time.

We missed the 2 first sets because of traffic, and the small Foufounes Electrique venue was packed when we arrived.

I’ve noticed by their shirts that a big part of the crowd were Archspire fans so I was impatient to hear them. On Luc advice we moved behind the console to enjoy the best possible sound.

Then, I have not only heard but I’ve seen what’s the technical death metal, I mean watching those musicians play was really impressive. Been happily surprised to hear really melodic parts and also tracks going more progressive among that brutal set.

Go check them out, they just released a new track : ‘Involuntary Doppelgänger’

Their new album “Relentless Mutation,” will releases September 22nd

After a short break. Psycroptic was up on stage for a very energic performance. That group have an amazing stage presence considering the technicality of their music. The crowd responded with dynamic mosh pits and headbanging. The atmosphere was festive and I let myself be carried away too. Time has flied and the show ended… I had only taked 1 or 2 bad really bad pics ! there you go :

Technical death Metal: that name was sounding intimidating to me first , but really, this extreme branch of metal is more accessible that I thought and a very interesting music that I will explore more now that I have tamed the ferocious beast !

\m/ Mez

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