Jai That Aussie Metal Guy Chats with David Haley

David Haley is one of those drummers who in his career has really made an impact on the metal scene not only here in Australia but worldwide, not only with Psycroptic but in all the other bands that he is involved in, including Abramelin, KING, Ruins, The Amenta, Consummation, and the more recent bands Werewolves and CrisisAct.

Dave has built up a really impressive body of work and I caught up with David to chat about the latest grindcore project CrisisAct featuring himself and Joe Haley, Matt “Youngy” Young from King Parrot, and Brett Bamberger of Revocation, the crushingly brutal band “Werewolves” he is in with Mat Wilcock(Abramelin), and Sam Bean (The Berzerker), and the great album “The Dead Are Screaming” released back in April. we also chat about Abramelin, KING, drumming for Blood Duster, Psycroptic, and a whole lot more check it all out then head down and hit up some links from the many band’s Dave is involved in.

Links hit em up and show you support

Crisis Act- Link tree https://linktr.ee/crisisact

Psycroptic- Bandcamp https://psycroptic.bandcamp.com/

Abramelin- Bandcamp https://abramelin1.bandcamp.com/

Werewolves- Bandcamp https://werewolvesdeathmetal.bandcamp…

KING- Bandcamp https://evp-recordings.bandcamp.com/a…

Ruins Bandcamp https://ruins-tasmania.bandcamp.com/

Consummation https://consummation.bandcamp.com/

The Amenta- https://theamenta1.bandcamp.com/

Dave Haley drums facebook https://www.facebook.com/davehaleydrums/


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