Jai’s all Aussie Top 10 for 2017

First of all i would like to say a big thank you to all the bands,PR reps,venues and most importantly you the readers of CRANNK we thank each and everyone that has supported CRANNK and myself this year \m/..It has been a great year for metal and I look forward to 2018 and what it will bring, but first let’s go back through 2017 and have a look at some of my favourite Aussie albums released this year.(I didn’t put them in any paticular order )


King Parrot-Ugly Produce

Desecrator-To The Gallows

Thy Art Is Murder- Dear Desolation

Rifleman- Silver and Gold

Earth Rot- Renascentia

Frankenbok- Vicious Lawless

Hybrid Nightmares- Almagest

Ne Obliviscaris- Urn

Claim The Throne- On Desolate Plains

Dead Kelly- Australian Made

Hope you all enjoyed and I look forward to catching you all in 2018 till then CRANNK the metal.

Jai Anderson CRANNK







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