KELEVRA Is Gearing Up To Deliver Aggressive And Melodic Progressive Metal Album “Oneiric” on March 8th

Formed in 2009 in Regina, Canada, Kelevra continues to supply a serious dose of progressive metal to the masses. With a loyal local fan base cheering them on, they are taking the metal scene by storm with their third album “Oneiric”, set for release on March 8, 2024. Taking us through some of Kelevra’s best work to date, it is thoroughly aggressive yet at times epic and heartfelt. The band comments:

“In general, the album is aggressive musically, yet also very epic and heartfelt at times. The lyrics aim to support this style. Song, meaningful, and personal lyrics demand a powerful and diverse sound that enforces our message and storytelling. With this album, which was both deliberate and coincidental in the writing process, we will be providing listeners with an experience that leaves them on the edge of their seat.”

“Oneiric” takes listeners between ecstatic dreamworlds and traversing through hellscapes of the mind. Exploring these often dichotomous states of relationship and existence; the music and lyrics show Kelevra emerging into a new era of consciousness, yet still serving up the technical precision and ferocious brutality they are known for.

Most of the songs on “Oneiric” have been written and composed by Brett Forst, with lyrical and musical contributions from Matt Fraser and Mat Yarotski. Dylan Dobrescu will take the composed piece and develop/implement percussion ideas. While Adrienne Mahony will generally follow what has been composed, she has always developed each song with bass lines that are unique and complementary to the basic composition.

Taking the listener to a new level of progressive music, “Oneiric” is recommended for fans of Unearth, Gojira, and In Flames.

Listen to the album’s full stream premiere on Bravewords HERE.

“Oneiric” is due out on March 8, 2024, and is available for album pre-order at

Kelevra is (Album & Live):
Dylan Dobrescu (Drums)
Brett Forst (Guitar)
Matt Fraser (Vocals)
Adrienne Mahoney (Bass)
Mat Yarotski (Guitar)

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