Live review: Blaze Bayley at the Garage – Strängnäs, Sweden

It’s a very special feeling going to a show with a former Iron Maiden singer. And doing so in a small town like Strängnäs with about 30 000 inhabitants gives a really special feeling. You know that it will be a really small place, with about 200 people at max.

For me, the evening started with Luke Appleton, bass player in Iced Earth doing an amazing acoustic set, doing songs from both Iced Earth and Absolva. He really had a hard time getting the attention of the audience, but I really liked the energy! Turned out that he is a really nice guy! And he gave me an interview that I will try to publish a.s.a.p.! 🙂

And then came Blaze


What can you say…? The man that lives and breathe metal, and turns in to a monster on stage! This was the third time I went to a Blaze show, and the man is still fucking crazy on stage!!

The way he interacts with audience, it’s really amazing! It’s like looking at a person that’s really possessed! The show is magical! The way he interacts with audience, it’s really amazing!I may not agree with all the songs, and of course – the big cheer comes when he play some Iron Maiden songs, like Futureal, The Clansman – but the frenzy on stage makes all of the songs really good!

And after all that, he always do a meet and greet, signing all sorts of things, and blend with the fans. Apparently, he like to hug his fans! Really, the nicest guy!


The nicest guy (and me)!

Have to say, it was a great evening, thanks Blaze!






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