Live review: Bonafide, Warner Drive och BADiTUDES! Royal in Eskilstuna

Warner DriveI started the evening with being way too early at Royal. But in my defense, it said 7pm in the invitation. I was all alone there for quite some time. It also turned out that there were not that many tickets sold for the evening, as usual in my hometown I’m afraid. Alright, it was Easter Eve, an evening when people stay at home really. But still, a rather big Swedish band on tour… Fuck it, I was there and I had a really good evening!

First band on stage was Warner Drive, all the way from Los Angeles! I had wanted them to get a better picture of Eskilstuna, but this wasn’t the best of nights for an unknown band. Really nice boys and girl, that might not play my kind of metal (although, better than I first believed), and they gave it all on our non-stage, and the music was way better live! A couple of songs I heard was Scarecrow and Ok K-GO!

Just as they were doing an amazing cover on Wild World it was time for me to do my interview with the main band, so unfortunately I didn’t the complete show. This was a band that I really would like to see on a bigger venue. They gave it all, and Jonny Law, the front man, were really psyched up, he was all over the place!

Strangely enough, it turned out that the main band wouldn’t finish the evening, so Bonafide went on as band number two. Kind of a weird feeling for me. First I sat down with band for almost an hour, doing the interview, and all of a sudden there’s a bunch of people that goes like: “What the hell! It’s time to start the show!”! The time passed really quickly during the interview. It was a great interview, with super nice people. Hopefully I will get out on the site soon. And what about the show?

Well, as I said, it was kind of a weird feeling, first being totally normal, talking to the band and then go out and rock as hell at the floor! Specially on this stage that actually wasn’t a stage at all, but more like a living room! But what a GO! Bonafide is band that really should play on grand places like Sweden Rock Festival or in those lovely intimate places. This place was actually smaller than my own living room! But I really loved the show. Killer music, as when AC/DC still were good! So cool, dirty and impossible to stand still kind of music! You had to rock, and I did, with a stupid grin on my face the entire show!

Unfortunately it was embarrising few people in the audience, but we got a show with a band filled of the joy of playing live, and they gave it all! And it looked like they were having pretty fun… It must have been a rather special feeling doing a show in this little living room, with no real lights but with pretty good sound. I still have some issues with my ears!

The lads in Bonafide did an awesome show, and was one of the best shows I’ve seen in my hometown. And we also got to hear the Sweden Rock Festival theme-song “Fill your head with rock” as the last song!

BADiTUDESTo finish the night off we got the hardest working punk-band in Eskilstuna, BADiTUDES. While Bonafide was the most rock band tonight, BADiTUDES was the most moshing band! OK, it’s a local band and which serves them well, but with a setlist that consists of songs like “I Fought the law”, “Shena is a punkrocker”, “Pretty Vacant” och “DERAS FETA NACKAR”!!! (or the real name “Staten & Kapitalet”), they were doomed to have a great evening! God damn what a mosh! The few in the crowd was all-in, and unlike me that saw them for the first time, the rest of the audience seemed really satisfied. And the band seemed also really satisfied and happy, the sweat was dripping and I were soo pleased!

A really awesome night, unfortunately on Easter Eve (and it seemed like my camera had a hangover… so I didn’t get any good shots!), where most people are at home with their families, but for those that weren’t there I can only say, your loss! We, that actually were there, we had a blast!

Next time I hope that my hometown could offer some more resistance, because this was an awesome night!


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