Live Review Entombed AD May 12th Adelaide

Entombed Ad May 12th  Adelaide South Australia


Funeral Moon (South Oz)

Voros(South Oz)

Entombed AD(Sweden)


Entombed AD just finished up their Australian tour and I took the chance to see this legendary Swedish death metal machine that is Entombed Ad at fowlers live in Adelaide. And this was going to be an awesome night for death metal fans.

    The start of the night kicked off with a blistering set from the brutal Adelaide bans Funeral Moon, I just seen Funeral Moon about a month ago and again on this night. I can not say enough about this band I really like what these guys are doing straight up death metal how it should be done.

 Next up was another good local death metal  band in Voros I only got one song(had to go backstage after one song)  of these guys but I did get the chance to sit down with Ty singer of Voros for a chat at the end of the night .Which I can share with you in the next few days.

  At 8:30 myself and two other VIP’s got the chance to go back stage and hang out with the band Entombed AD and I did have some real intelligent stuff to ask but when LG walked up to me and said do you want a beer everything went straight out of my head , I don’t even like beer (sorry beer lovers) but if legendary front man offers you a beer you drink beer. These were the nicest bunch of people. After hanging out with the band and drinking beer we made our way back upstairs and awaited Entombed AD

                It was death metal at it’s finest and I know why this Swedish band are such legends of death metal. I was blown away by this blistering set with some classic Entombed thrown in as well. This was an amazing night filled with death metal and am glad I could see and meet Entombed AD



Set list Entombed AD       

Entombed AD

Funeral Moon


Hardline Media





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