Mad March 2019 Releases

There are some really great bands bringing out albums and Ep’s this month Truth Corroded,Fallujah,All This Filth and so many more from Heavy Metal to Punk and everything in between, here are some releases Crannk has picked for you to check out and Crannk up for March 2019\m/

In 2018 Truth Corroded signed with leading US extreme metal label UNIQUE LEADER RECORDS for the release of ‘Bloodlands’. Based on themes surrounding war and displacement, the album depicts the state of our times and the social and political impact that is having both in the bands home country Australia and abroad. The title refers to the growth of new conflict from conflicts past, with the suffering it creates spreading its roots. Release date 22nd

All This Filth “Misery Season” West Australian Industrial/Nu Metal band have delivered a really great album.Here is what vocalist Brendan Preston had to say in a recent interview with Crannk about this album releasing on the 29th

Beorns HallIn His Granite Realm“Our third album, ‘In His Granite Realm’ continues the same path of progression we left off at on ‘Estuary’. We double downed on the doom and death metal influence introduced on that album although the core sound still remains very much late 80’s/early 90’s black metal Over the summer we lost a very close friend and founding member of the band to a tragic accident. Dealing with his untimely death gave the music more of an underlying feeling of darkness and sorrow. We hope you will enjoy this album.” – – Rognvaldr & Vulcan
released 15th

Fallujah Undying Light“»Undying Light« stands as a monument to creating the purest and most visceral version of FALLUJAH,” stated the band. “Through the blood, sweat and tears left on these 10 tracks, we usher in a new era for the band. We’d like to introduce you all to the voice of that new era and newest member of FALLUJAH, Antonio Palermo.” released 15th

Swedish guitarist and producer Ola Englund, known for being a current member of The Haunted and Feared and formerly of Six Feet Under will release his first solo album “Master of the Universe” “Master of the Universe” was produced by Ola Englund and Delta Empire, mixed and mastered by Ermin Hamidovic and features mysterious Youtube drummer Delta Empire on drums and features guest appearances by Jonas Kullhammar on baritone saxophone. According to Ola Englund, the solo album is “something else from what I’ve previously released and where the style could be described as a mixture of progressive rock and metal with both 80s and 90s influences, yet with a modern sound.” Releases 24th

Quebec City death metal The Flaying and their new album “Angry,Undead” (Produced by Chris Donaldson (Cryptopsy)) The band has manifested pure mayhem for their fastest and most brutal debauchery to date.
The concept of “Angry, Undead” is an intricate one with each of the eight songs falling under a distinct axis: Chaos (social manifestations); Madness (individual manifestations); and Void (existential manifestations). It is brutal, instinctive, unique, and wicked, and is recommended for fans of Cryptopsy, Archspire, Suffocation, and Deicide. Releases the 22nd

ACCURSED SPAWN’s debut album “The Virulent Host” is a fiery and passionate take on modern death metal, influenced by thrash and brutal death that stands head and shoulders above many of their contemporaries. The production quality truly stands among the titans of death metal, thanks to Chris Donaldson, guitarist for legendary death metal unit Cryptopsy applying his talents and experience to mix and master the album at The Grid Studios in Montreal, QC. Donaldson has previously worked on records for high profile names such as Cryptopsy, Beyond Creation, Despised Icon, The Agonist, Beneath The Massacre, and Neuraxis. The artwork was done by highly esteemed artist Remy Cooper of Headsplit Design (Origin, Beyond Creation, Psycroptic, Pig Destroyer, Whitechapel, Thy Art Is Murder, Cryptopsy, Suicide Silence, Arch Enemy). Releases on the 22nd

Nitro Zeus Ep “I.anomaly” After releasing their single All Fail on 1 Marchthe alternative rockers from Brisbane, Australia, released their debut EP i.anomaly on 15 March. The EP brings a diverse range of styles and emotions with 3 new tracks (plus bonus tracks) including the single All Fail. i.anomaly was recorded in 2018 at Studio Truth and produced by Tyson Ruth. i.anomaly blends the sounds and visuals of Nitro Zeus to form the beginning of a narrative which stretches across a variety of media.
With influences from classic rock via Japanese alternative rock to Swedish death metal – Nitro Zeus brings their stories to life with dynamic songs, layered lyrics in an abomination of blues, hard rock metal and prog

I Prevail “Trauma” Trauma represents a moment of triumph in the wake of a series of trials and tribulations endured by the Michigan quartet—Brian Burkheiser [clean vocals], Eric Vanlerberghe [harsh vocals], Steve Menoian [lead guitar], and Dylan Bowman [rhythm guitar]. Even as they catapulted towards mainstream notoriety with 2016’s breakout Lifelines, they faced unforeseen hardship that might’ve broken any other band. Burkheiser dealt with a debilitating vocal injury that jeopardized his future as a singer. He made it through, but dealt with the aftershocks of stress and anxiety. Conflicted with thoughts of potentially leaving the band, he made a decision. He got together with his band brothers in 2018 and they decided to craft the record they wanted to hear without outside input. Joined by producer Tyler Smith [Falling In Reverse], they emerged from 10 months in the studio with Trauma. Releases on the 29th

Among Vultures self titled album “Among Vultures”
Mixing death metal and hardcore influences and with several years of experience, Swiss group Among Vultures writes pummeling and enraged songs with dark melodies and creepy atmospheres.
Among Vultures have proved their value in various countries, either as the headliner or as the opening band for strong bands, that the metallic hardcore they write is sharp and powerful and their energy on stage is vibrant and contagious. 
Formerly known as Attack Vertical, Among Vultures, have played more than 300 shows in Europe over the last few years. In 2019, the group returns with a new name and reinforced strength, now displayed on the new full length album called “Among Vultures”, specially made to be played live on stage. Signed to Tenacity Music, Among Vultures is ready to share its music with passion and motivation. Releases on the 29th

Windwaker had a great 2018 and are set to hit 2019 with a bang with the release of the new Ep “Empire“, the five piece rock/metal core band are really worth checking out and Crannking up. It releases on the 22nd

Melbourne’s alternative emo-rock 4-piece Reside have been played a number of acts since 2017. Consisting of vocalist Liam Guinane, guitarist Ariel Johnson, bassist Sale Brown and drummer Dylan Houston. While still a young band, they’ve managed to capture the attention of music fans alike with their debut EP, ‘Closing Doors’, which dropped in October of 2017. Their latest release is their sophomore EP ‘The Light That You Saw’ release date 29th.

Emerging out of the growing metal scene in Calgary AB, Red Cain are a melodic metal band with an amazingly great and epic sound,that has elements of progressive rock with symphonic metal. They unleashed their self titled EP in 2016 to rave reviews and have returned in 2019 with this absolutely epic and mighty debut full length album “Kindred Act 1” Released on the 1st

Hootenanny Freaks is a hard drivin’ rock and roll band from Finland. The members of the band are Marko Kuurne (drums), Pepe Tamminen (vocals), Esko Kemell (guitar), Aapo Häyrinen (guitar and key boards) and Marko Leino (bass). The band’s music has been strongly influenced by both the domestic and foreign old school rock bands from 70’s and 80’s.The latest release “Freakshow” is set for release on the 26th

LA’s OUR DYING WORLD  and their debut EP “Expedition” For fans of Testament, As I Lay Dying, Slayer, Havok, Amon Amarth, Skeletonwitch, OUR DYING WORLD’s EP “Expedition” features  tracks that all have a personal meaning to band founder Tom Tierney (drums) who envisioned the EP and went on to write it, later recruiting the rest of the lineup to finish the project. on the 18th

Hailing from the cold, unforgiving wastelands of Hollywood, California, ASHEN HORDE is a two-piece band that strives to embrace a multitude of extreme metal sub-genres, without being bound to any one of them. Drawing influence from metal’s crème de le extreme, from Enslaved and Devin Townsend to Ihsahn and Opeth, ASHEN HORDE (aka Trevor Portz and Stevie Boiser (Vale of Pnath, Inferi)), may have a sound rooted in death and black metal, but can’t truly be called either.
Completing their third full length, “Fallen Cathedrals”, the concept album is in the vein of J.G. Ballard’s dystopian novel “High Rise,” and explores class warfare and a society’s descent into primitive, warring tribes. Musically, the album expands further on the complexities of the band’s earlier releases, but with even more emphasis on progressive and melodic elements, even incorporating clean vocals for the first time. It will appeal to fans of the more progressive side of extreme metal, from Ihsahn and Borknagar to Opeth and Enslaved. Releases On the 22nd

Italy’s Christian Power Prog Metal band S91 and their upcoming album “Along The Sacred Path” out on March 22nd.Along The Sacred Path” is the band’s sophomore album and follows their 2016 debut full length “Behold The Mankind”, which was a concept release about the history of humanity from the point of view of Christian theology. That album was produced by Cristiano Bertocchi (Labyrinth, Vision Divine, Wind Rose) with mastering done by Simone Mularoni (Domination Studios). Received well by critics and audiences, the debut opened doors for the band to tour across Italy and abroad, including a performance at the latest edition of “Elements Of Rock” (Switzerland), the largest Christian metal festival in Europe.

“When you come out of the storm, you won’t be the same person who walked in. That’s what this storm’s all about.”
Haruki Murakami
The words of the Japanese author give perfect insight into the sound cast by Degraey and especially with regard to their new album, “Reveries”. It is a proposition which makes for a mutual consumption between creators and listener; the band’s unapologetically individual post metal explorations consuming ears and imagination as hungrily as both in turn devour fiercely emotive sounds and words. It is a unity which was potently established through the band’s 2016 debut album, “Chrysalis“, but has developed within its successor into a challenge and inspiration which simply commands attention.Released on the 1st

Mother of Millions is a five-piece progressive/alternative metal band from Athens, Greece, formed in 2008.
The sound of Mother of Millions can be described as equally massive as cinematic. An intense experimentation involving elaborate rhythms, folk aesthetics and progressive rock tunes. The third album “Artifacts” tells a story about ideas and sentiments as objects with a ritual value. Artifacts will be released in March 22 and is the follow-up to 2017´s critically acclaimed album “Sigma“.You can check out Peps review here purchase here

Crea - Dwarves & Penguins - Artwork

Crea is a progressive Linkoping-based (Linkoping is like the 5th or 6th largest cities in Sweden) rock band that has been around since 1988 led by founder-member guitarist and vocalist Peter Gren. According to the bio, Crea has never really been interested in sounding like anything else. Here is a little of what Peps thought in the review“According to me, on this album, they sound like a whole bunch of bands! But in a good way. I find a whole lot of Pink Floyd, Simple Minds and some U2, mixed with maybe Gary Moore and Deep Purple! Sometimes in a mix, sometimes as single songs. But what an gruesome mix!”The album Dwarves & Penguins is set for release on the 29th

Agent 37 – Dynamo single released 7 march Here is what our own Mike The Punk had to say “Agent 37 are a 4 piece punk band from Ballarat, Australia and have built up a loyal following since the band formed in 2012. This band usually put out high energy pop punk songs and the new single “Dynamo” is no exception.
This song has a real ramones vibe to the lyrics and vocal style but musically its the same fast punchy beats with distorted power chords and one of the best pop punk lead guitar parts I’ve ever heard. If you’ve never heard this band before give this track a spin its one of their best yet. ”

Aluminum Monster – Mashing It Live at The Tote Released March 7th
Aluminum Monster is a 4 piece punk rock band from Collingwood, Victoria, Australia who are always playing a show somewhere and often sharing the stage with a lot of the bands I already like. It was only a matter of time before i had my chance to see them live and that chance came in December last year, as i stood near the side of the stage watching them perform I knew I wanted to hear more. Keep reading the rest of Mike The Punk’s review
Aluminum Monster Mashing It – live at The Tote was recorded at the venue on the 15th of November 2018 but wasn’t released until the 7th of March 2019.

Bricks – Crimes & Curses album released 10 March Here is part of Mike The Punk’s review
“The band Bricks started up in 2010 as a 4 piece act but by 2011 was a 3 piece band blending hardcore punk and metal riffage.“Crimes & Curses” was a concept album inspired by the life of a friend close to the band.

The One Two’s – No Ticker single released 15th March
The One Two’s are a relatively new 4 piece protest punk band from Melbourne, Australia with a few shows under their belt. 
Their debut release to the world is called “No Ticker” and in my neck of the woods that’s a big insult. This track was produced by Luke Yeoward at Half Way Studios and is from the upcoming album “Keep Punching”check out the rest of Mike The Punks Review here grab the single here

Blind Man Death Stare “Comin’ In Hot” released released March 18 One of the hardest working DIY punk bands in Australia, Blind Man Death Stare (BMDS) have released their triumphant new album Comin’ In Hot Recorded by Jay Whalley (Frenzal Rhomb) and Dan Antix at Def Wolf Studios in Sydney and produced by Tim Maxwell (Loser) the album is another chapter in the relentless and seemingly unstoppable charge of punk rock juggernaut BMDS. The release will be supported by extensive touring of the UK, Europe and Australia.


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