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Recently I worked with the awesome people at Jones In The Fast Lane Promotions to put together some live stream shows, the first one was “Iso-Nation” and featured a punk band from Tasmania called Without Fail, well one of them. Shanon put on an awesome show and I became a fan. The band doesn’t have stuff on the usual streaming services so most of what I’ve heard is from videos on their Facebook page, you can check it out here … 
Facebook Link:https://www.facebook.com/WithoutFailTas/

The band is doing another live stream tonight and this time the whole band will be performing a set for North West Tassie Gig Streams which kicks off at 7pm. Here’s the event link …https://facebook.com/events/s/without-fail-live-gig-streams-/3069082453168213/?ti=as


In the interest of learning more about the band and their local punk scene, I convinced band member Shannon Austbo to have a chat
Mike – For those who haven’t heard of Without Fail, can you tell us a bit about the band?

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WF – So we all hail from the mighty North West of Tasmania, although are scattered a bit further apart these days. We have been together around 4-5 years now. We have all been mates for quite a few years, occasionally playing in the same bands with one or two members, until now where we have found the perfect fit. While we are all pretty busy with work and life, we keep the dream alive by coming together monthly on average.

Mike – Band name, why you chose it, and when you started as a band? 
WF – So the idea of our band name actually came from a series of novels I have been reading for quite a few years now. We had been brainstorming for a little while, then that idea came about, we threw a few titles into the hat and decided on Without Fail.

Mike – First ever performance as a band ? 
WF – Our first gig I believe was at Tapas (now Pub Rock Diner), a cool venue in Devonport that has supported both us and the music scene on the coast for a number of years!

Mike – What drives you?

WF – Playing tunes with great mates.

Mike – What is your favourite gig memory?

WF – For me would probably have to be our gig with Blind Man Death Stare in a backyard in Ulverstone. Unfortunately we had to play as a three piece that night, so Stevie B was made into a lifesize cutout (naked) and got to rock out with us.

Mike – What is the funniest thing to ever happen at a gig?

WF – Funniest/best was when we played a gig quite a few years back now (in a different band Steve and I were in) and our green room was actually another bar in the venue. We ended up having our own party going in the greenroom, complete with security access, with our roadie (Grug) acting as stand in barman. I remember looking over at one point and he had the post mix hose full noise, spraying anyone in a two meter radius. Haha.

Mike – What is your favourite (song) of your own, and why?

WF – My favourite as WF would be Keyboard Warrior. Just such a dynamic, tough song.

Mike – What is the motivation, inspiration or cause for your songs and writing?

WF – Slightly political at times. Very situational, current event type stuff mostly.

Mike – Which stage/festival/venue would be your ultimate dream to perform on or at?

WF – Probably have to say Punk Rock Holiday or Fest

Mike – Who is the funniest or most annoying member of the band, and why?

WF- Leigh. Because he is a drummer. Ill let you guys decide whether i mean funny or annoying 😆
(love you froid x

Mike – Who is your biggest musical influence (band or person)?

WF – Propagandhi

Mike – Got any local influences ?

WF – Influences for me locally would be Catchpenny, Counterwait, The Simons

Mike – Who is your biggest fan?

WF – Im gonna have to say Tash

Mike – What is the best piece of advice anyone has given you?

WF- Have fun, don’t take things too seriously. Also, don’t over analyse small mistakes playing live. Most punters wouldnt even notice!

Mike – What is the punk scene like in Tassie ?

WF – Quiet currently, but there is a few bands still doing a thing. Mischa and the boys in Knife Hands keep pumping out tunes, locally the Captives boys are kicking goals (although they do reside on the mainland these days), and have a fucking great annual gig down here called Running on Empty. We were lucky enough to jump on board last time around. Bennylava were doing some cool shit over in Launnie town but parted ways, hopefully something else rises out of the ashes!

Without Fail are Muzz – guitar/vocals

Bretty – bass/vocals

Briggsy – guitar/vocals

Froid – drums

Facebook Link https://www.facebook.com/WithoutFailTas/


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