MUNICIPAL WASTE Drummer Dave Witte Reveals His 5 All-Time Favourite Thrash Albums Ahead of Australian Tour

Thrash Metal Crossover party dudes Richmond Virginia’s MUNICIPAL WASTE were one of the forerunners of the New Wave Of Thrash Metal in the early 2000’s. It was a revival of the classic thrash metal sound that dominated the metal scene in the 1980s. It featured fast, aggressive riffs and complex song structures, often with politically charged lyrics. MUNICIPAL WASTE were leading the charge in this resurgence of thrash metal, bringing a fresh perspective to a classic sound. Ahead of their first Australian Tour since 2013, Drummer Dave Witte has revealed his all-time favourite and most influential Thrash albums!

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MUNICIPAL WASTE are 7 albums (and a string of EP’s) deep into a career that shows no slowing down, no matter how hard they party, in fact if anything their career is on an upward trajectory! Metal Hammer christened 2007’s The Art of Partying one of “The 50 Greatest Thrash Metal Albums Ever,” whilst 2017’s Slime and Punishment crashed in the Top 3 of the Billboard Heatseekers Albums Chart, while they have also sold-out countless shows on multiple continents and piled up tens of millions of streams in the process.

Tony Foresta [vocals], Ryan Waste [guitar], Philip “Landphil” Hall [bass], Dave Witte [drums], and Nick Poulos [guitar] promise to deliver an uncompromising, beer drenched, sweat inducing, high-octane audio-visual extravaganza while their relentless riffage, infectious energy will ensure the pit is whipped into a frenzy!

“We hope you walk away with some bloody ears, blown speakers, pi*sed off parents, black eyes, and a healthy distrust of authority,” says Tony.

Australian fans will be able to shake off the Winter blues and jump head-first into one of the year’s biggest parties as MUNICPAL WASTE heat up Australia in July! Cheers!

MUNICIPAL WASTE July 2024 Australian Tour Dates

Friday 5th July MELBOURNE, Northcote Theatre

Saturday 6th July SYDNEY, Liberty Hall

Sunday 7th July CANBERRA, The Baso

Wednesday 10th July BRISBANE, The Triffid

Friday 12th July ADELAIDE, Lion Arts Centre

Saturday 13th July PERTH, The Rosemount

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Dave Witte commented: ‘’These 5 albums still hold up today and have had a huge impact on me, from changing the way I thought about music to influencing my drumming.  Whenever I put on these albums on, I still get the same feeling I got when I first heard them. All the memories come rushing back. It was a difficult choice, as there were some amazing albums released in that era but these 5 are the stand outs for me. If you haven’t heard any of these, I highly suggest you look into them.’’

  1. SLAYER: Reign in Blood
  2. KREATOR: Terrible Certainty
  3. DARK ANGEL: Darkness Descends
  4. EXODUS: Bonded By Blood
  5. METALLICA: Kill Em All

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