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Say hi to Nale, a fresch bit of air. This is a relative new (for me at least) Stockholm-based band that in my opinion mixes a bit of Motörhead with Danko Jones. And maybe a touch of rockabilly.

It’s hard, it’s melodic and it’s impossible to sit still when listening to it!

I don’t have clue how I found these guys, but I’m pretty happy that I did! These guys have a great potential, and I can’t wait to see them live!

About the album, it’s called Ghost Road Blues, and it’s a real punch in the face! It comes out strong with “Basher” – a hard hitter with massive drums.

This is an album that runs with hard-hitting riffs, heavy drums and heavy vocals. And some blues! As I said before, you could find a mixture of Motörhead and Danko Jones, but actually the more I listen to the album I think that it reminds me a whole lot of the band Soil, when they were at their best. And that is a good thing!

If there is something negative to say about this album, it would be that most of the songs are a bit too short. Not a single song above 3 minutes 50 seconds. Would love to hear a 5-minute-song, just to hear how they would evolve the music. But that’s a tiny minus, I really love the album, and I’m looking forward to album no two!

And if I have to find a favourite song, I think it would have to be “Catch 27”. It gives a feeling of all the stuff I talked about earlier, and with a punch!

\m/ Peps

You can find them here at Facebook, or here at the homepage!

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Here is a couple of samples (and the Spotify-link to the album at the bottom):


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