New amazing Aussie and Swedish stuff!

I’ve added some new songs to the CRANNK 2016 playlist. This time, two bands from Australia. I thought it was a good idea, since the MetalDad is from Aussie-land, and second, it’s really great fucking music!

First band I added was “Immorium”. Turned out that when I wrote a piece about the band Deprivation, I got a huge response! One response I got was from this dude – Chris Vandermark, a former member of Deprivation (and now my friend on Facebook! 🙂 ). It turned out that he’s now a member of a new metalband called Immorium! Really great fucking music, and it also reminds me about Deprivation. You should check them out!

The other band I added is a band called KING. A three-piece band from Melbourne. I really like their music! A mixture of black, death, melodic… Vibes from Immortal and Amon Amarth, combined!, or to quoute the website: “KING, an unfaltering and melancholic blackened metal force – keeping the spirit of old while carving a new path, epic while remaining raw, majestic while retaining a primitive atmosphere.”

Two great bands that restored my faith in the New Wave of Australian Metal! It had gone silent for me for a while, but now I know it’s alive and kickin’!

Oh, and of course, since I’m from Sweden, I had to add some songs from a new Swedish band as well… “The Last Band” from Gothenburg. Sleeze punkrock a la Hardcore Superstar with excellent hardcore influences!

Here you can find more info about the bands:

Immorium (Facebook):

King (webpage):

King: (Facebook)

The Last Band (webpage):

The Last Band (Facebook):

And here’s the playlist:


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