That new Dark Tranquillity album sounds promising!

The Swedish masters of melodic death metal are back in business! So far Dark Tranquillity has released three songs from their upcoming album, “Atoma”, and so far I really like what I’m hearing! The songs really remind me of better days, of albums such as “Fiction” and maybe also of my favourite album “Damage Done”. It feels like that they have found the fun in metal again (although the music still is really dark and with a sense of mystique).

Really looking forward to this. Here are the three songs:

Dark Tranquillity – “Atoma”:

Dark Tranquillity – “The Pitiless”:

Dark Tranquillity – “Forward Momentum”:

\m/ Peps

Some links:

Dark Tranquillity official website:

Dark Tranquillity on Facebook:


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