New Dead Metalfest 8 2017

This was the 8th year of the New Dead Metalfest it was held at Fowlers Live In Adelaide South Australia and each year it has grown, and this year by far is the Biggest New dead yet with Lock Up, Brujeria and Napalm Death headlining the event.The New Dead metal fest showcases some of the best Australian metal bands there is and is an absolute asset to the metal scene over here. Jason North and all the people involved in running this event do an amazing job.This is the highlight every year for me so the long bus trip up to the city is for this is a must.

Sickness started the day with a blast and the perfect band to start the day these boys blasting out with their brand of Grindcore Hard fast and political. It was good to see the crowd moving which isn’t an easy task that early in a 12 hour festival which is a measure of how good they were. \m/

Voros up next and these guys play tech/death they kept the crowd level going, I really like these guys having seen em three times already and am impressed every time I do. \m/

Hybrid Nightmares came from galaxies unknown to reign down melodic/death and destuction on the new dead crowd and that they did, killer set four horns up. And i am looking forward to giving the new album a good listen \m/

Blunt Shovel made the trip over from Melbourne and the singer of Blunt Shovel Trent is in another band Truth Corroded. I’ve been smashing the album that came out earlier in the year so it was good to see them hammer out some of the tracks like Tounge Hung Pinata and Destination Dog Food. \m/

Miazma came from the dead centre of Australia, Alice Springs these guys play death metal and have built quite a following was impressed with these guys and look forward to hearing more of what this band does \m/

Alkira i like these guys from Adelaide and something about Alkira’s sound and vocals kinda remind of Max Cavelera\m/

Earth Rot from Western Australia I can’t say enough good things about this band they played a tight set and have an unbelievably great sound playing black/death metal. \m/

In Malices Wake another great Aussie band thrashed it up next and with a new album out as well i can’t wait to wrap my ears around it. \m/

Orpheus Omega are a melodic/death metal outfit from Melbourne Australia, If you haven’t heard these guys check em out kick ass set and dude a f@#king kuitar how cool \m/

The almighty thrash/metal heavy weights that are Truth Corroded followed up next and the crowd went wild for these guys as they always do, thrashing out Hunt All Heroes among other songs which is just an amazing track especially live. \m/

Black Rheno Are Three piece out of Sydney with just the guitar drums and vocals.Black Rheno have this kinda groove metal grind thing going which is catchy frenetic and just works so well, as with all the bands these guys were so good. \m/

Abramelin were next and this band are legends hammering out death metal since about 1988 and the sound of these guys unreal just insane, check out Transgressing The Afterlife \m/

Lock Up the first of the Headliners for the night started and theses guys are absolute legends with Nicholas Barker on Drums (Cradle Of Filth,Dimmu Borgir,and may or may not be a cartel member with Brujeria) Anton Reiseneggar on Guitar (Another rumored cartel member with Brujeria that can neither be confirmed nor denied) Kevin Sharp on vocals and Shane Embury on Bass and the bassĀ  god of most metal bass player’s. An amazing set \m/

This next band Brujeria along with Napalm and Lock Up i have been waiting years to see these guys and I can say it was worth the wait these guys are so fucking goodand I don’t know there is something kinda carthatic about the whole crowd screaming along to Fuck Trump. This heavy metal cartel really knows how to bring the crowd along with them. Juan Brujo and El Sangron on vocals, El Criminal on Guitar , Hongo on bass and Hongo Jr on drums. Brujeria had the crowd in the palm of their hands and highlight of the day for sure \m/

The fathers of grind and an influence to so many metalheads around the globe Napalm Death and the Final band of the night blasted onto the stage the crowd went wild they played a an absolute Grinder of a set with a whole heap of Napalm Classics Suffer The children,Nazi Punks Fuck off. Also belted out some tracks off Apex with Tracks like How The Years Condemn and Apex Predator.

For me to be able see Napalm Death along with all the bands on the day at New Dead 8 was just an amazing experience and one I’m sure along with everyone else there will be a day/night they will remember for long time. NEW DEAD METALFEST 8 2017 \m/….

(I also have put all the photos of the day up on our Facebook page)

\m/… Jai Anderson CRANNK…\m/

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