New Incarnit Single! – “Tear it Down”

Our dear friends in Incarnit has released a first single from the upcoming album, and it’s called “Tear It Down”. And it’s song that really have the Incarnit-sound, but with maybe some new touch to it. It’s mid-tempo song, and a bit more melodic compared with the last album.

I get vibes of old school thrash and old school heavy metal, and it kind of give me vibes of my favorite song from the debut-album, the song “…And so Shall You Reap”. It’s a great metal song, although I would like to have a bit more “punch” in it since this is the first single of the album.

But as I said, it’s a great song and it contains all the riffs that makes Incarnit, well Incarnit! And Robert still sings with that tourmented voice, and this is a great teaser of the album! It sounds like the boys are up to something, and it could be really great!

Really looking forward to the album!

Here’s the single btw:

Yeah, and I stole the image from the Incarnit facebook-page!


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