November playlist is here! It’s all about the 80s!

Here’s the playlist for November! Since last month’s playlist was a tribute to the 70s hardrock, I thought I would continue with the 80s. It was easier said than done…. I mean, look at this people…


How the fuck do you write something about this… 😀 Well, that’s how we dressed and looked like 25 years ago! Or something like this…:


The hard rock/heavy metal litteraly exploded during this time, especially during the first half of the 80s. There are so many good bands and all of them have started what’s metal today, so it’s impossible to summon it all in one playlist. (Bare with me, the playsist is coming… it’s in the end of the post!)

And there was so many different styles of music… Not all of them good…

And some of them… SO FUCKING much the 80s… But I fucking love this…!!!

So I’ve had to narrowed it down to the bands that mattered to me. But I think you will like it! So, here it comes:

M/ Peps


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