Old School Album? Nailbomb “Point Blank”

We all have those albums or songs that bring back 1000’s of memories…….the opening guitar riff on Blood, Sugar, Sex, Magik and I’m 14 again!!

So, recently while talking to a good mate of mine from back in the day,

metaldad, sut, nailbomb, metallica, blacksmith

here we are being a couple of tough cunts back in 1997.

Nailbomb popped into my head…..ahhh 1994…those were the days, Sepultura was making good music, Pantera were spreading their furious groove and I was in my mid teens.

nailbomb, point blank, metaldad, blacksmithNailbomb for me is the ultimate driving music, it just reminds me of sitting in a mates V8 Holden stationwagon with 3-4 other dudes in the middle of the night going flat out with no lights on. Stupid? hell yes, but that’s where this music takes me.

I love how harsh the guitars are while not being over done by drums.

So, go jump in your car and turn this shit right up!!



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