Are Opeth finally home?

I’ve been a BIG fan of Opeth for quite some time now. In fact, had I been younger, and not been born in 1971 and found heavy metal in the beginning of the 1980s, well, then I reckon that Opeth would be the biggest band for me instead of Iron Maiden.

But that’s the “old” Opeth I’m talking about. I’ve been quite concerned by the last two albums with Opeth. So my expectations of the new Opeth-album has been kind of low to say the least. And then came the first single of the new album…

I can’t help feeling that now, maybe they are finally on their way to find the new sound. Still no growling, now it’s completely strange and 70s with an attitude! The single is really heavy, with clean vocals, and a typical Opeth-sound! And Mikaels voice is amazing!

Really looking forward to the album! Here’s the single: Sorceress, taken from the album “Sorceress”:


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