Orden Ogan Releases New Single “Conquest” from Upcoming Album “The Order Of Fear”

German dark power metal band ORDEN OGAN has unleashed their powerful new single ‘Conquest.’ The song is taken from their upcoming album, “The Order Of Fear,” which will be released on July 5, 2024, via Reigning Phoenix Music (RPM). The soft whimsy at the song’s beginning quickly swells into a strutting, triumphant romp. By balancing melancholic leads with punchy, catchy riffs, the music reflects the lyrical themes of facing one’s demons and rising up to fight another day.

Front-man Sebastian “Seeb” Levermann adds, “‘Conquest’ turned out to be one of the best songs we have ever written. It will be one of my all-time favorites. We hope the people out there will love it just as much as we do!”

Stream/purchase the track: https://ordenogan.rpm.link/conquestPR

Sebastian “Seeb” Levermann | vocals
Niels Löffler | guitars
Patrick Sperling | guitars
Steven Wussow | bass
Dirk Meyer-Berhorn | drums


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