The Original vs The Metal!

OK, bare with me on this one… Please read, and check out the videos in the order that they are presented.

I fucking love this!

In Sweden, and Europe (and Australia actually), we have this TV-Show where the countries compete against each other in music.

It’s a special kind of music, and that kind of music doesn’t fit here on CRANNK really, but it’s a big thing in Sweden. We have several Saturdays were we decide which song we will send to the grand finale, and all of the songs are basically shit!

But, there is a time in that show, when all the people vote on their favourit, that you really can find some amazing stuff! In this case it was the Swedish band Mustasch that made a cover of an old song… and it was truly amazing!

To understand it, you first have to hear the original song (please forgive me, coz it’s not really a good song…). But just play this song, and listen to it (it’s in Swedish, but that doesn’t matter). This is the original, it was first released in 1982, and it was a big hit in Sweden at that time.

And here’s the cover of that song. Performed by Mustasch, AND the original singer Hasse Andersson, who seems like a really cool dude! It’s a fucking awesome cover!!! And it’s so cool that Hasse Andersson is still in the game! 😀


\m/ Peps

Images is stolen from the Official Mustasch – webpage!


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