Peps chat with Bürner

We made contact like three months ago, and the last weekend we finally hit it off! I had a great time! But the interview might be a bit… And please forgive for my poor English! 🙂

I’ve been listening to the debut-album from Bürner from September when they released the album and I still listen to it! For me, this is really great music that I grew up to, and I really think that it’s still as fresh that any band can do.

This is my first video interview EVER, so bare with me… 🙂 Well, here it goes!

This is a Swedish band that tied their knots a bit later than usual, but they really know their music! They actually have some new music on the way, and I’m for one really want to hear it!

And of course: The “If we go to Mellofest” song!:

Find Bürner on:


YouTube: Bürner


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