Peps review The Generals – To Hell album

First of all, I am really happy when I hear that The Generals are back! It took some time, but here they are! 🙂 With the new album “To Hell“.

Second, I don’t think that we can refer The Generals as an Entomebed copy anymore. I remember when I first stumbled into the band, and the reviews were all about how they played death n’ roll. That might have been true with the first album “Stand Up Straight“. An album that made me fall in some kind of love with the band, and even though they had a sound of their own then already, it has evolved!

Third, they gave us a promotion-video that might be the best and most funny I ever seen, check it out here!

This new album is more back-to-basics death, but with a touch of melodic death. The rock n’ roll twitch is still there and gives us a really groovy death metal album! And I really think that this album is a great and natural follow up to the album “Blood for Blood” from 2013. One great difference is the sound of the album. Compered with “Blood For Blood” they really hit the nail with the sound. Maybe it’s because they working again with Tomas Skogsberg (Entombed, Dismember, Hellacopters). The very same producer from their first album. They also had Lawrence Mackrory (MESHUGGAH, DECAPITATED, FIRESPAWN) to mix and master the album, just to get a classic HM-2-sound but with a modern mix.

To Hell:

This is a really great death metal album, where songs like Faith In Fire, To Hell, Evelution Of The Flesh, and Bombardement are my favorites. Every individual song is on the scale from good to excellent, but for me (I don’t listen that much to death metal), there are one or two songs that I struggle a bit to keep apart.

Fatih In Fire:

But on the other hand, I only have had this album to listen to for like a week, and every time I listen to it, I discover something new. For instance, writing this review I listen to Thrill Kill, and that turn in the song after about 46 seconds is really beautiful! This is an album that grows every time!

Evolution Of The Flesh:

As I said, it’s a really great return! I had a chat with vocalist Rickard this weekend, and I understand why they are proud to say that this is the best and most heavy material they ever done! It’s a really good album with a lot of attitude. And for me it’s really great with a new album with the band that forced me into my first eye-to-eye interview! I will never forget getting on that train across the country, just to end up on that local rock-club “Heaven and Hell” in the city of Karlstad!

The album will be released tomorrow on February 26!

The Generals are:
Rickard Hednar: vocals och bass
Rickard Fäldt: Guitar
Marius Tömte: Guitar
Martin Svensson: Drums

Find them here:
Order the album here: Black Zombie Records

RECORD COMPANY: Black Zombie Records
RECORDING: Sunlight Studio, Black Zombie Studio och Dead Dog Farm
PRODUCER: Tomas Skogsberg
MIX & MASTER: Lawrence Mackrory of Dugout Productions


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