Pretty Maids–still alive and kicking

There is this band, that I kind of like. Some days, they are awesome! Some days, they are just too lame. It’s not really my kind of metal, but some of the songs are truly great! I’m talking about the Danish band Pretty Maids. They been around for a while, and these last couple of years they really got their shit together and started to do great songs again.


af Chapman – Hostel!

I have this friend, my best friend – Simon. He was the one that first introduced this band for me. And that was a LONG time ago! We were still in school. Like high school, so I guess that it’s…. Well I’m 45 years right now, and in high school, when I heard Pretty Maids for the first time, I might have been 17! So, I’ve listening for this band for almost 30 fucking years!! (fuck, Simon! We’re starting to grow old here!)

Anywho, earlier this year Simon turned 45, and as a birthday gift, I gave him a ticket to Pretty Maids, performing in Stockholm in November. It’s going to be a really cool weekend, where we’ll travel to Stockholm in the morning, explore Stockholm by daytime, go and watch Pretty Maids, explore Stockholm in the evening and finish it all by staying at the nicest hostel in Sweden – the “af Chapman (with separate bunks!).

It will be an awesome weekend and here is some music with Pretty Maids, starting with the song that really got me stucked with them in the beginning:


Lethal Heroes (from the album “Jump the gun”, released in 1990)

Pandemonium (from the album “Pandemonium”, released in 2010)

Face the World


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