Punk Reviews: Sketch Method – Panic At The Costco Single

Canberra’s Sketch Method have been around for a few years, the bands 5 track Demo was released back in 2015. The rest of the discography includes the single Razy Lacism (1:56) from 2016 and the 2017 EP of the same name. The 2017 single “Elephant<Universe<Me”, the debut album “Is It A Bird? Who Cares?” in 2018 and most recent single “Gladys” in 2019.

All of the bands releases can be found on bandcamp at the “Home Brew Records” page. They are a DIY punk/alternative label based in Canberra

The new single “Panic At The Costco” (2:14) was released on the 25th of June 2021, it starts with a guitar playing a few bars of something that sounds nice in a poppy sort of way before the drums and bass join in, the music changes to short, fast stabs as the vocals chime in. At this point the song has a melodic hardcore sound but played at a break-neck speed like skate punk. The verse vocals are fast and shouty but there are some well placed backup vocals that add a nice melodic touch. The vocals in the chorus parts are more melodic in the delivery and the hook is almost anthemic with a ferocity near the end. The music is tight and the song structure is very familiar verse/chorus with a great breakdown that does its job without killing the energy. The lyrical quality here is as brilliant as ever, I love a band that has something to say. Go have a listen!

Sketch Method are

Zane Harlem – Vocals / Guitar
Joel Cabban – Bass / Backup Vocals
Jono Hickox – Drums / Backup Vocals


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