Punk Reviews: The Owen Guns – Dawn of the Braindead

The Owen Guns – Dawn of the Braindead

I’ve been following The Owen Guns since their debut EP “Violating Community Standards” released in August 2020 … well, around that time anyway. They display Australian culture without flying a flag, lyrically they poke fun at themselves or offer up hilarious takes on social commentary but sometimes they bring a seriousness to the table that is unapologetic. The music is basic and raw, energetic punk rock that I find enjoyable. In May of 2021, The Owen Guns released new music again in the form of “EP2: Electric Boogaloo” which was a great follow up full of similar elements to their debut release but with only 9 months between the releases, this felt like more of the same but with some improvements. I did review both releases here on Crannk, so feel free to check it out.

All caught up? On to the debut album “Dawn of the Braindead”

It features 12 new tracks, recorded and mixed over a long weekend by Shoeless Geoff Mullard at Rock the nation studios and mastered by Jason Fuller at Goatsound.

It features amazing cover art by Ray Lonsdale who captured the better bits of the bands release art while adding enough flair to look like a quality B movie poster with a professional feel.

Track 1 “Not You Too” (3:04) is well polished, what an opener. I’m not surprised by The Owen Guns choosing to rant about Bono but the tin whistle got me good. Great song, Fuck Bono!

Making my way through the album, track 2 “Arson About” (1:51) lyrically targets the hillsong church, while musically being more of the same hard-hitting punk rock. The music keeps up the pace through the next couple of tracks “Five Bees” (1:06) and “The Adventures of Captain Yellowtooth in the Temple of Dumb” (1:56).

Track 5 “Pulling on the boots (Racist dickhead)” released on the 23rd of June this year as a single with 100% of the Bandcamp earnings going to The Sunset Soup Kitchen, a volunteer-based organisation that does great work in Darwin, Australia. The song also appeared on an 8UP Records compilation called “I Don’t Wanna Hear It!” released on the 27th of August 2022.

The song is a re-working of a skinhead anthem and I loved the way The Owen Guns ruined this while donating the funds in a way that will mainly benefit the first nations people of Australia but no one cares what I think, did anyone ask Donny the rat ?

Mike the punk

At the halfway point of the album is “C.S.M.F.” (2:36) starting off soft and clean it offers up some gentleness even the vocals although borderline annoying, its lyrical content is blunt and on point plus they even squeezed in some Oi!

Track 7 “Who Stole The Water” (3:28) has a wicked bass intro, musically this build-up features guitar feedback in a less is more way, nice work. The vocals don’t enter until almost a minute and a half into the song, which is not a complaint as this was a great way to bring things back after the last track. The guitar delivered all the good stuff from fast and dirty lead work to pick slides and had a great tone. Lyrically this song tackles a serious issue in a direct confrontational way and that ending is so good.

Track 9 “Drunk Shirtless Guy” (1:14) starts soft with pleasant guitar parts before hitting the heavy. It feels like a better version of track 6 but a different lyrical topic. Track 10 “Fuck what you think you’ve heard” (1:43) has the same energy as the first few tracks and I love it.

Track 11 “Its Too Late v2.0” (1:46) is a salvage operation and it works for me as a long-time fan. The closing track “Its not a Riot” (0:57) is short, loud, fast and leaves me wanting more. In conclusion, keep the new guitarist and keep up the good work.

Dawn of the braindead is available on all streaming platforms now


The album is available on vinyl and to download now via the Owen Guns bandcamp page,


and via Outtaspace https://outtaspace.bigcartel.com/

Vinyl and cds will be available at gigs and selected discerning record stores

and in the UK there will be a short run of cassettes released in Oct thanks to Noise Merchant Records


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