Punktoria presents Punk Is Support

Our Bendigo mates Dero are headed to the big city to play Midweek Mass 2 at The Tote on 13/02/2019 also playing are Military Position, Religious Observance and Spew Balloon. Please see event link


We want to know if anybody in the city likes our regional mates as much as we do. We talked to the band who said if they made a fan in the big city I could give away some sweet merch. Here is how we plan to make it happen

1. Go to the show
2. Get a photo of yourself with Dero
3. Post the photo to Punktoria with the words “Punk Is Support”

We only have one merch pack to give away so the first person to make this happen will receive the reward. Remember it is the fans that keep the scene going and the bands love you for it. Here is the link to Punktoria


The band and the merch, good luck

Dero are
Dave Gamble – Vox.
Warwick Cooney – Guitar, Vox.
Reece Cooney – Bass, Vox.
Kurtis McMahon – Drums.


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