Review Beaten To Death “Agronomicon”

Beaten To Death are a Grindcore band out of Oslo and was formed in 2010, by members of Intense, Tsjuder, and She Said Destroy. Beaten To Death’s previous three studio albums “Xes And Strokes” 2011, “Dodsfest” 2013, and “Unplugged” 2015, along with the latest release “Agronomicon” were all recorded live and have an amazing sound and feel to the beautiful brutality that is Beaten To Death.

Beaten To Death’s latest release Agronomicon is such a great listen clocking in at around 21 minutes it definitely fits the bill for a Grindcore album. But this album has so many cool elements in it with some real groove driven, catchy melodies then the face melting brutality mixed in that really sets Beaten to Death apart with their unique sound and take on the Grindcore sound, that will leave your ears Beaten To Death and asking for more. 

Agronomicon was released via Mas Kina Recordings 24th December 2018

Beaten To Death Are:
Anders Bakke- vocals
Martin Rygge- guitar
Tommy Hjelm- guitar
Mika Martinussen- bass
Christian “Bartender” Svendsen- drums

Review By Jai That Aussie Metal Guy and Crannk \m/


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