Review: Bellybuster – When the morning comes

Bellybuster is a band from the darkest corner of the Småland county of Sweden. A small town in the middle of nowhere..

The bio says that Bellybuster is a straight in your face rock band from Växjö, Sweden that loves to play rock ‘n’ roll, with influences of AC/DC, Clutch, The Black Crowes, The Cult and many more… and I couldn’t agree more!

The album really honor the heritage of AC/DC, and in a really good way. I would say that AC/DC is the strongest influence, but I also find some vibes of good old Swedish rock/post punk especially in the form of Sator, but also… and why not The Sinners! The song “On Your Own Tonight” is a song that I really think is The Sinners!. But with a fresh sound, and a more rock vocals. Tomas Olsson has a really strong and great rock’n roll voice that I really like!

A couple of highlights. “When the Morning Comes” the title song and first song of the album is a really heavy pounding start of the album, broad bent rock at it’s finest! Hell of a drive! Great party-starter!

Whatcha Gonna Do About It” – Another strong melodic and hard rocking song, with great thrashing riffs.

Swede Hollow“: For me this is the song that really sticks out! The intro is kind of Def Leppard, but then it turns into hard AC/DC-riffs and goes on to a really blues kind of sound. It’s a mix of easy listening AC/DC hard rock, with blues and it has a kind of dark melancholy touch. This is really my favorite song on this album. I really like the different layers of the song!

To sum it all up. This isn’t an album that invents somehing new, but the band really take care of their influences in a really good way, and make something really great about it! I like the album very much, the musicians are really good and the vocals are great! And I would really like to see this band live, they make music that are supposed to be experienced live!

So check out the band Bellybuster from Växjö, Sweden! Great rock music for all of you that like AC/DC, Clutch…

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More about Bellybuster:

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Twitter: @bellybusterband

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